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    Mine is Isobel it's my grandmothers name and has a lovely sound and honours my heritage.
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    I don't have a list of ranked names. I just have a collection of a bunch of names I love, so I don't really have an "absolute #1 top girl name". But if I had to pick right now, it'd be a tie between Luna and Aurora! I'd never use either as a first name because of how popular and common they are though. And I have no idea what I'd name any future children. I don't really think about stuff like that because I don't plan on having kids anytime soon (not until I'm in my late 20's at the earliest; I do want a bunch when I'm older though). And I'm pretty sure that, when I get around to having kids, I'd feel different about any name list or combo that I came up with right now anyway, so I don't really see a point in having an official name list or making up combos that I plan to name my future children years from now. I do know that I want to name them something special though. Something beautiful, uncommon, and magical/enchanting (preferably nature related since I love nature).
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    I don't fall in love with girls' names the way I do with boys' names, so this is hard for me. But if I were to have just one daughter, right now she would be Beatrice. It's just so lovely - smooth on the tongue, sophisticated, gentle, classic and with adorable nickname Bea as a cherry on the top.
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    tbh, I have always had a soft spot for Samantha; I know it's probably an odd choice for this as it's very common and a little dated.

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    My favorite name (probably) right now is Psyche because of it meanings & the story behind that name. Although lately I have had dreams in which I have a daughter named Sophie.

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