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    9. Nicknames as first names - like, just Dan, Mike, Nick, Joe, Bob, Will
    Dan is a biblical name. Although Dan and Daniel are related in Hebrew, it's inconsequential that Daniel is often shortened to "Dan" and Dan actually being a biblical name. Being a son of Jacob, he forms one of the twelve tribes of Israel. It has solid footing as a name around the world.

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    1. Kaylee
    2. Leah (Love Léa)
    3. Nevaeh
    4. Riley (more so on girls)
    5. Peyton (either gender)
    6. Aubree // Aubrey (I like Aubrey on a boy)
    7. Jordan (either gender) Probably actually my least favorite name.
    8. Bentley // Porscha (Love Portia though) I used to clump Mercedes into this category until I learned it has history as a name.
    9. Molly // Shelby -- knew quite a few of these growing up. They both have a whiny sound to them IMO. Molly now also makes me think of a drug. :x
    10. Ryder // Carter // Tanner

    Names like Destiny, Heaven, Genesis, & Trinity make me cringe. I actually think Faith is quite pretty though, consequently.

    Oh and .... Jayden. On either gender....

    I listed way too many names, sorry! lol
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    1. Mary (arghghghgh!)
    2. Jason
    3. Michael
    4. Justin
    5. Katie
    6. Lucas
    7. Dora
    8. Bernadette
    9. Xavier
    10. Tyler
    Catalina - Seventeen

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    1.) The majority of modern invented names. (Zayden, Nevaeh, etc.)
    2.) Kree8tivleigh spelled names. (Variants that have been used for a long time, like Katharine, I'm cool with.)
    3.) Most boys' names on girls, especially those ending in -son. *twitches; grinds teeth*
    4.) Vowel-heavy, sugary feminissima names. (Eliana would be a prime example.)
    5.) Clementine.
    6.) Paisley.
    7.) Jackson. (Even on a boy.)
    8.) Steven. (I've just never known a single Steven, Stephen or Steve I liked.)
    9.) Sarah. (So. Boring. To me it just says, "My parents literally could not think of any other name.")
    10.) Everly.

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    1.) Aidan names
    2.) Kinley
    3.) Boys names on girls (Charlie, James, Maxwell)
    4.) Ashley, Jennifer, Jessica (Because I know a million of them)
    6.) -Belle and -Bella names
    7.) Old lady names (Clementine, Eleanor, Agnes)
    8.) Braxton, Paxton, Daxton
    9.) Oliver
    10.) Henry
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

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