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    Torin - love it, only reason I wouldn't use it is because it's too similar to my DP's surname. Otherwise it's my top boy's name.
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    Jonathan- It's adorable for a little boy and so handsome for an adult.
    Not expecting, just love collecting names!

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    Fitting for a baby, adorable on a toddler, cool for a teen, and professional for an adult. Good Biblical name. No nickname that would be pretty much "destined" to have him known by (eg Andrew with Andy or Drew), but plenty of nickname options if you want them.

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    Marius technically checks more boxes. If my kids are growing up in a non-Anglophone country, Marius will be easier on them (over Edmund, which as been my dream name for a son since I was 8 years old).
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    I love the names Miles and Crispin. I can't choose between them. Too bad my husband hates both names!
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