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    Jul 2012

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    Sep 2012
    LN: Fields

    DH:Liam Shane
    DW: Rachael Quinn

    Birth #1- Davis Patrick
    Birth #2-DS/DD/DS: (First names start with the same letter, middle names are royal)
    Clark James, Charlotte Alice (Charlie) & Carter Henry
    Birth #3- Madigan Violet
    Birth #4- Grace Georgia
    Birth #5- Adalie Mia (Addie)
    Birth #6- Logan Peter
    Birth #7- Callum Graham (Cal) & Wren Julienne

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    Jun 2013
    LN: Spencer

    DH: Jeremy Gabriel (Jerry)
    DW: Rachael Quinn

    Birth #1-
    1. DD: Violet Ada
    2. DS: Yale Alexander
    3. DD/DS: Adelaide Sophia & Camden Jayden (Addie & Cam)
    4. DS/DS: Anderson Ocean & Miller Blaze

    Violet, Yale, Addie, Cam, Anderson & Miller

    Birth #2-
    1. DS/DS/DS: Alec Christopher, Bryce Bennett & Chase Alistair
    2. DD/DD/DD: Scarlett Vivienne, Ruby Victoria & Lilac Vienna (Scarlett, Ruby & Lily)
    3. DD/DS/DD: Grace Amelia, Merit Paul & Chastity Eloise (Gracie, Merit & Chastity)
    4. DS/DD/DS: Samuel William, Samara Kate & Shane Henry

    Alec, Bryce, Chase, Scarlett, Ruby, Lily, Gracie, Merit, Chastity, Samuel, Samara & Shane

    Birth #3-
    1. DD: Siobhan Alora
    2. DS: Alexei George (Alex)
    3. DD: Sofia Jade
    4. DS: John Nathaniel

    Siobhan, Alex, Sofia & John

    Birth #4-
    1. DS/DS: Rhys William & Wyatt Ryan
    2. DD/DD: Karolina Juliet & June Katherine
    3. DD/DS: Matilda Delphine & Daniel Maxen (Matilda & Danny)
    4. DD: Piper Penelope

    Rhys, Wyatt, Karolina, June, Matilda, Danny & Piper

    Birth #5-
    1. DD: Maeve Anastasia
    2. DD: Maisie Clare
    3. DD: Mariah Eve
    4. DD: Malina Kate

    Maeve, Maisie, Mariah & Malina

    Birth #6-
    1. DS: Jace Alexander
    2. DS: Jackson Nolan
    3. DS: Jonathan Luc
    4. DS: Jordan Lyle

    Jace, Jackson, Jonathan & Jordan

    Birth #7-
    1. DD/DD/DS/DS: Anwaar Sela, Inaam Sienna, Aaron Sean & Wynn Stefen
    2. DD/DD/DD/DD: Story Autumn, Apple Summer, Coco May & Cat April
    3. DS/DS/DS/DS: Ocean Teagen, Forrest Reagan, Blaze Aubrey & Leaf Bailey
    4. DS/DD: Lynx Bran & Bluejay Plum (Blue)

    Anwaar, Inaam, Aaron, Wynn, Story, Apple, Coco, Cat, Ocean, Forrest, Blaze, Leaf, Lynx & Blue
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Elham Ibrahim ||

    ♥ Luna & Elham ♥

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    Feb 2012
    Britberry (Wales -UK)

    DH: Kyle Chase
    DW: Sierra Wendy

    DS/DS: Dylan Inigo & Logan Wade
    DS/DS/DS: Axel Colby, Blake Bailey, Chad Arley
    DD: Alani Grace
    DD/DD: Kairi Jade, Jodie Kyra
    DD: Esme Piper
    DS: Xavier Kye
    DD/DD/DS/DS: Molly Saffia, Zoeey Saskia, Wyatt Samson, Isaac Spencer
    D&R Est..07/07.♡
    B.A.R [2008] & L.F.A [2010] ♡

    ⇩DH Likes⇩
    [Xavier Jaxon Seth Phoenix Sawyer Jensen Elijah Niklaus Chase Xander Caius]
    My Loves
    Sawyer Greyson Beau, Phoenix Jensen Kai,Spencer Harrison Mark, Xavier Jaxon Seth [temp combos]
    Kairi Peyton Alana, Talia Jade Piper, Emerie Madicyn Paige, Cassidy Piper Ellisse
    GP's- Chyler Delaney Winter Kiyomi Valkairi/ Kai/Kye Rocco Alaric Wyatt Logan Mitchell Cooper Levi Harrison

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    Dec 2012
    LN: Spencer
    DH: Jeremy Gabriel 'Jem'
    DW: Sierra Wendy 'Wendy Bird'

    Birth #1: DD/DS: Holland Sofia 'Hollie' & Salem Levi
    Birth #2: DS/DD/DS: Emrys Christian 'Rys', Evanna Ingrid 'Evy', & Eden James
    Birth #3: DS: Dimitri Jude 'Mitri'
    Birth #4: DS/DS: Rigby William & Wilder Ronan
    Birth #5: DD: Isobel Jean
    Birth #6: DS: Ezra Silas
    Birth #7: DD/DD/DD/DD: Aria Iris, Ever Juliette, Story Hazel, & True Primrose
    Hannah, 16. Teenberry, story writer, story reader, Gryffindor, human rights activist, and name nerd since 10.

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