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Thread: Help us decide

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    I actually really, really adore Gemma, and Winifred, and I think Gemma Winifred would be fab, but honestly, with Vivienne, I think Gwyneth works best. Plus, Winnie or Gwen would be adorable for nns!

    Good luck!
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    Gemma would be my top choice. Then Gwyneth. Both are very lovely and sophisticated.

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    Of all the choices, I like Winifred best. I actually really dislike Gwyneth. Gemma is just meh.
    What about Gwyneira?
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    With the elegant and sophisticated Vivienne, I think Gwyneth is best followed by Winifred. Gemma doesn't have the substance that the other names have for me. Have you considered Meredith? Now, I would be ecstatic with a Vivienne and Meredith.
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    The only one on your list that I like is Gemma. Winifred doesn't sound youthful to me. Gwyneth is okay, but I've never really liked it. As to what will go best with Vivienne? I think Gwyneth.

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