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    Thoughts on Juniper

    Pretty straight forward here: how do you feel about Juniper on a little girl? Not currently expecting, just curious. It does hold some personal/family significance for me, but is not a family name. I've loved it for a long time, and I'm just wondering what everyone here thinks of it, feelings you get from it, and similar name suggestions (if you don't like it). Thanks!

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    I like Juniper. It's all emerald green and springy to me. It's a happy, bubbly name, but I think I like other June names (Juno, Junia) a bit better.
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    I like Juniper. The plant is beautiful, lively and the name itself sounds so bright and spunky. Juno can be a nice nickname.
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    Well, i love it obviously. My daughter Juniper fits her name so well and we get a lot of compliments. We call her Juni a lot of the time which is super-usable, but i love saying her full name.
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    I think it's really cute.
    I'd love to meet a little Juniper. I think the nn's like June make it very usable as an adult name as well.
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