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    I love Theodore Scott!

    From your list, I like Cecilia, Alice, Alexandra, Amelia, Wren, Livia and Bridget

    Alexandra Wren
    Cecilia Alice
    Amelia Alice
    Bridget Amelia

    Good luck!


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    Adelaide/Alice/Amelia/Autumn, Beatrice, Caroline/Cecilia/Charlotte/Colette, Daisy, Eleanor/Eloise, Felicity/Fiona, Gemma/Genevieve, Hazel, Iris/Isla, Josephine/Juliet, Margot/Matilda, Penelope, Seraphina/Simone/Summer, Vivienne, Willow, Zara/Zoe

    August, Beckett, Carter/Caspian/Christian/Colton, Dashiell/Declan/Dominic, Emmett/Everett, Felix/Finn, Harrison/Hayes, Jasper/Julian, Landon/Leo/Liam/Lincoln/Luke, Mason/Miles, Oliver, Patrick, Sebastian/Simon, Theodore/Thomas/Tristan, Walker/Wesley

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    My favourites are;

    Theodore and Felicity, Theo and Lissy/Flissy etc.
    Theodore and Imogen, Theo and Immy
    Theodore and Amelia, Theo and Mia
    Mama to Theodore Adl3r Emm3tt "Theo" born April 2012

    Expecting baby #2 March 2015!! It's a GIRL!!!!

    *Louisa *Felicity *Gwendolen *Clementine *Rosalie *Philippa *Lavinia *Beatrix *Wren *Eugenia *Florence *Primrose
    *Percival (Percy)*Augustin (Gus) *Arthur (Ari) *Frederick (Fritz) *Dashiell (Dash) *Winston *Felix *Walter *Henry/Hendrick *Edwin *Rupert

    Guilty pleasures ~Pomeline, Peregrine, Delphine, and Ferdinand

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    I love Theodore! And I think Cecily or Cecilia would be my favourites! Theodore and Cecily! Theodore and Cecilia! I think Ingrid is cute too, but it doesn't have the same feel as Cecily and Cecilia. Of these two, I do prefer Cecily, but I think Cecilia sounds better with Theodore! And Cecilia Wren or Cecilia Imogen is great!
    ~Adelaide ~ Juniper ~ Josephine ~ Dorothy ~ Eleanora ~ Rosalind ~ Magnolia~
    ~Julian ~ Augustus ~ Edward ~ Frederick ~Everett ~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    I like Lexie Elowen or Lexie Emilia

    but I don't like Alexandra. I don't know why, but Lexie is super cute and goes nice with Theo. Especially when you pronouce it the Dutch way which sounds like Tay-Oh.

    good luck and congrats

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