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    Is Amity forever tied to Amityville?

    Such an unfortunate reference to an otherwise cute virtue name. Do you see Amityville sticking around in the coming decades?
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    I rather like Amity. I suspect it's one of those where if you saw it written down you might think of Amityville or even Amity Island in Jaws, but if you met an actual child called Amity you would just see it as their name (and a cute one) rather than immediately thinking of giant rubber sharks and horror films.

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    I've never associated Amity with Amityville so not, Amity isn't tied to Amityville.
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    its too bad because Amity is a sweet name but everytime i hear Amity i thought about Amityville and every time iam thinking about Amityville ,immediatly come to my mind the horror movie .

    Its not the end of the word but the association is pretty strong imo .
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    I knew an Amity while in school. It's a neat name, but back in the 90s she was teased. Maybe the reference has faded quite a bit and our youth won't think of the reference while on the playground. But kids make up names to tease someone even if it doesn't make sense. Pick a name you like and they will appreciate when they're older.

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