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Thread: Sylvie?

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    I was wondering what you all thought of the name Sylvie. It's currently becoming one of my biggest faves, which is strange because I hate the name Sylvia, but Sylvie seems different and much more gentle sounding. What do you think? And what middle name would you use for it?
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    I'm the same way! I love Sylvie but not a fan of Sylvia.
    Sylvie Nicole
    Sylvie Michelle
    Sylvie Arabella

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    Sylv- names are my favorites -- Sylvia, Sylvaine, even Sylvester -- and Sylvie is my favorite among favorites. I love, cherish, adore this name. Breathtaking, elegant, simple yet sophisticated...Sylvie is perfect. If I have a daughter, Sylvie is the name to beat.

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