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    Cair Paravel :)

    I quite possibly have a list for Josephine!

    I would love your thoughts on these--sometimes I think they're great, and sometimes I think they're all just rubbish. But I've come up with a short list, and I like most of them a lot. I'd like to hear what others think.

    Josephine Cosima (too singsongy? I suppose it depends on how you say Cosima...)
    Josephine Edith
    Josephine Felicity (too long?)
    Josephine Ivy
    Josephine Leona
    Josephine Lucia (I pronounce this the Italian way, loo-CHEE-ah)
    Josephine Tzofia
    Josephine Zinnia
    Josephine Zoe
    Josephine Zofia
    Josephine Zosia (ZOH-shah)

    Edith, Cosima, Felicity, Lucia, Zinnia, and Zoe are just names I've loved for quite a while now and can't see using up front, but I'd love to fit them in as a middle.

    I like the blend of French and Hebrew with Josephine Tzofia--I'm not Hebrew, but my best friend was a French Jew (she passed away Dec. 2010), and I think it's quite a fitting way to honor her, and it still gives me room to use a second middle to honor one of my own family members. I'm just not sure if people would think it very weird to use such a Hebrew name if I'm not, and if it would be too much of a hassle (would people just assume it was Josephine Sophia?). Tzofia wouldn't be considered cultural appropriation like Cohen, would it? Any Jewish Berries out there? From my limited knowledge of Hebrew/Jewish culture, I didn't think it would be, but I wanted to be sure. The last thing I would want to do was offend any Jews, especially since Millie's faith and ancestry and culture meant so much to her. Lastly, how would it be pronounced? I feel like I have a general idea, but I don't want to butcher it.

    Thanks, Berries!
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    Josephine Cosima- I think the double 3-syllable thing is a little much, though I do love Cosima. Josephina Cora would be super pretty, though.
    Josephine Edith- I've never liked Edith, though the pair is nice.
    Josephine Felicity- Yeah, I think this might be too long, unfortunately.
    Josephine Ivy- Gorgeous, plain and simple.
    Josephine Leona- I think the -phine Le- is too much E.
    Josephine Lucia- Same as Cosima.
    Josephine Tzofia- What a sweet way to honor your friend! It's lovely, though personally I'd go for Josephine Eve.
    Josephine Zinnia- It's nice, but Zinnia makes me think of pasta even though I know it's a flower (I don't know why... Because of ziti, maybe?)
    Josephine Zoe- Very nice!
    Josephine Zofia- Nice but not amazing.
    Josephine Zosia- I ADORE Zosia! Very pretty!

    In summary, I love the idea of honoring your friend but would use a name that is only one or two syllables.

    Other Hebrew middles for Josephine:
    Lior (Josephine Lior? Wouldn't that be darling?)
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Thanks, @namelover77! I actually had considered Josephine Lior, but I was having troubles figuring out which family name I could pair with it, since the emphasis is on the last syllable, and I thought something like Josephine Lior Grace or Josephine Lior Kate would sound quite abrupt. Besides, much as I love the idea of Lior on a girl, the fact that Lior's the unisex/masculine form puts me off slightly. I'd much rather use Liora or Eliora, despite the fact that I really loved just Lior before I found out it was a boys' name too. I sort of like Zelia (ZEEL-ya? ZEL-ya?), but I feel like I like some of the other "Z" names on my list more than Josephine Zelia. It is really gorgeous, though!

    I think I'm probably going to end up dropping Josephine Cosima. I like the idea of having Cosima somewhere on my list, but something about it with Josephine just isn't working for me. Josephine Eve is lovely, but I feel like I probably shouldn't go there, haha. I already have Eva, Evangeline, and Eve all on my list already--with no family significance with the Evie names, I feel like it might be a bit of Eve/Evie/Eva overload, haha.

    Anyone else?
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    To be quite honest, it feels like many of your middle names share a lot of the same sounds with Josephine - which you may like, but I am not a fan of. I like both names to have distinct sounds, it feels better to me. Josephine Ruth has a nice ring, and each has its own distinct sounds, where as Josephine Zophia, to me, has far to many similar sounds (s/z, ph, long O, and long e sounds). Just my opinion.
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    On paper, Josephine Zosia looks lovely, but it doesn't sound right.

    Josephine Ivy is gorgeous. My cousin is at college with a girl who is Josephine Ivy, I met her once (at my cousin's 21st), and I commented on how much I liked her name.
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