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    Alysabeth? Honoring both grandmothers!

    Hi, I'm new to Nameberry, and already I'm in love with this site .
    ... What do you think about the name Alysabeth? DH's mother's name is Alysia, and my mother's name is Elisabeth (pronounced just like Elizabeth). I'm due in about a week, and we came up with the name Alysabeth... does it work? I'm wondering whether or not the name sounds too made up and cheesy. The middle name would be Phoebe... after my favorite character on my favorite TV show, 'Friends'. DH absolutely loves the name Phoebe as well. The only other thing that we're unsure about is whether Alysabeth should be the middle and Phoebe the first. Phoebe Alysabeth or Alysabeth Phoebe? Thank you; every suggestion is appreciated!
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    I like Alysabeth. Did you consider Phoebe Alice Beth?
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    No, we really want to use Alysabeth; we're not fond of two middle names. Thank you for the suggestion though!

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    I like it, there's also the alternate spelling of Elixabeth, if your interested

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    I'm not crazy about Alysabeth, but since you're using it to honor, and you want to use it, I would put it in the middle. That way you don't have to worry about your daughter having to constantly spell it out to people she meets, and still have it confused with Elizabeth.

    How are you pronouncing it? I think the flow of Phoebe Alysabeth is better than Alysabeth Phoebe was well.
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