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Thread: getting to gigi

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    getting to gigi

    We've decided on Gwendolyn for our future girl's name. I've been thinking of middle names, and I love the idea of the initials GG, but I can't come up with anything that I like. Are there are names other than Grace and Greer that flow well with Gwendolyn? Thanks!

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    I really like Gwendolyn! I actually really like Gwendolyn Grace. I know Grace is a fairly common first nd middle, but I think Gwendolyn's romantic-ness balances that out. This list isn't very long because I find that most G names when paired with Gwendolyn are just too much.

    Gwendolyn Grey* my favorite
    Gwendolyn Gail
    Gwendolyn Garnet*
    Gwendolyn Gia
    Gwendolyn Giselle
    Gwendolyn Gloria
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    I would maybe try for a G name that starts with the soft G sound, like Giselle, Georgia, Gemma, Gia, etc.
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    Gwendolen Giselle is my favorite
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    Other berries suggested Gwendolen Giselle and I think it is beautiful!

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