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Thread: Quiz BNG

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    Quiz BNG

    Child No. 1--'re born Jan-June: its a girl!'re born July-Dec: its a boy!

    First name-- Your Dream Living Location?
    City, baby!: skyscrapers everywhere, tons of malls, restaurants, etc. -- Seraphina/Nathaniel
    Country Girl: low key, few places but comfy and cozy, you get to know everybody -- Annabelle/Liam
    Stuck in the suburbs: medium middle, few tall buildings & open land -- Hannah/Kenneth
    Other? Describe -- Lucille/Timothy

    Middle name -- Home vs. Away?
    Hometown, near familiar places & family -- Maria/Jack
    Away, to a new, fresh start -- Cara/Nick

    Child No. 2 --
    First name starts with same letter of your mom...
    Middle name starts w/letter of your brother's! (if you don't have a brother, use your sisters, or your dads if you're an only child)
    You Decide Gender

    Child No. 3
    Baby girl
    Your birthday month = her first name
    Your birthstone or flower (you pick) = her middle name
    If you want, come up with any nickname you can make out of it!

    Child No. 4 --
    Its a boy!
    Middle name is a family name/a name that means something special to you (:
    First name is your favorite.

    Child No. 5 --
    Your pick of gender!
    They must be either: long first name/and short middle name, or short first/long middle.

    = your five children!

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    DD: Annabelle Maria "Belle"
    DD: Daisy Tierra
    DD: March Aquamarine "Archi"
    DS: Tyler Roy
    DD: Everleigh Grace "Ever"
    Mummy to Amber Grace 13.3.16 <3

    Names for the future:
    Hayley Honore | Isabelle Amy
    Tyler George | Ryan Roy

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    DS1/DS2- Liam Jack Fears/Carter Ryan Fears (17)
    DD1- December Turquoise Fears "Ember" (16)
    DS3- Finnegan Rory Fears "Finn" (15)
    DD2- Evangeline Grace Fears "Eva" (14)

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