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    ABC Generation CAF

    Name my pretend family. The letters are initials and the numbers are ages. Attach whatever genders & last names you want!

    My Great Grandparents:
    AB90 & AB89

    My Grandpa & His Siblings:
    CD70, CD65, CD59, CD49

    My Grandpa & Grandma
    CD70 married CD68

    My Dad & His Siblings
    EF35, EF33, EF30

    My Dad & His Family
    EF35 married EF34
    They have GH14 (this is me) and IJ11 my sibling.

    My Uncle or Aunt Family
    EF33 married EF31
    They have KL9

    My Other Aunt or Uncle and Family
    EF30 married EF28
    They have have MN8 and OP4

    My Grandpa’s Sibling & Family

    CD65 & CD64
    They have EF29

    EF29 married EF28
    They have QR8

    My Grandpa’s Sibling & Family

    CD59 & CD57 had
    EF26, EF24, EF20, EF19

    EF26 married EF 26
    They have ST2 and UVnb

    EF24 married EF21
    They have WX/YZnb

    EF20 is married to EF22
    They have no children

    EF19 is unmarried

    My Grandpa’s Sibling & Family
    CD49 & CD45 have
    EF16 and EF15

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