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    combining name suggestions

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on making one name out of two. I would like me and my husband's first child to have a combination of our names in the middle spot, Connie and David. I really like the idea of our child having a piece of us. My first name choices change all the time, but right now for a girl I'm loving Adeline and boy Axel. The only names I can come up with are Dani and Donnie. Any suggestions? This is my first time posting but long time lurker and I just love how creative all the berries are! Thank you!

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    I really like Adeline and Axel, lovely choices!

    Axel Codie
    Axel Davie
    Axel Cavon
    Axel Cavin
    Axel Dane
    Axel Vinnie
    Axel Dace
    Axel Dacie
    Axel Ned
    Axel Oden
    Axel Von
    Axel Devan
    Axel Cade
    Axel Caden
    Axel Conan

    Adeline Dacia
    Adeline Nina
    Adeline Veda
    Adeline Vida
    Adeline Vianne/Vianca
    Adeline Vienna
    Adeline Ona
    Adeline Vonda
    Adeline Vonnie
    Adeline Dianne
    Adeline Cadie
    Adeline Dina
    Adeline Devina
    Adeleine Dana

    I think Dakota and Conrad would be good use of both names, even if they contain extra letters. Adeline Dakota, Axel Dakota, Axel Conrad would all be pretty cool.

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    I really like Vienna! Also Veda and Vida, they both have such wonderful meanings!

    What about Adeline Acadia? Is the double A too much? We got engaged at Acadia National Park, so it does have an extra meaning for us.

    I like Axel Von but it is too much with our very german last name. I love the simple masculinity of Axel Cade but we have a nephew already named Caden, can we still pull that off since it would be in the middle spot?

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    Yes, those were my favourites too. It was much easier for the girl's names to be honest, and I love Adeline Vienna so pretty.

    Axel Cade is my favourite of the boy's, it flows well and sounds like a little rockstar, haha. It's only a middle name so it shouldn't be too much of a problem but you could always ask how Caden's parents would feel?

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