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    Red face CAF- A happy family w skils and interests

    Elizabeth - Amelia - Esther - Audrey - Miranda - Rebecca - Katherine - Prudence - Millicent - Carissa - Jacqueline - Evangeline - Cecelia - Elspeth - Dolores - Laurence - Cassandra -

    Ezekiel - Elliott - Matthew - Dean - Graham - Lloyd - Nathaniel - Silas - Theodore - Guy - Adam - Wyatt - Lee - Rhett - Dana - Thelonious - Garfield - Winston - Clarence

    18 years old - College Student - Name Enthusiast -


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    LN: Graham

    DH: James Henry
    Career: Coastguard
    Interests: puzzles, the saxophone, camping, and ancient Greece
    Skills: singing and baking

    DW: Sophie Elisabeth
    Career: Literary Agent
    Interests: Shakespeare, candle-making, and theater
    Skills: playing the flute, climbing, and diplomacy


    DS: Elijah Thomas
    Interests: playing pranks, oceanography, planes, and ancient Rome
    Skills: hunting, knitting, and drawing

    DD: Caroline Isabel
    Interests: fairy tales, goldfish, and mathematics
    Skills: drawing, photography, and voice impressions

    DD: Serena Charlotte
    Interests: mathematics, gymnastics, and chocolate
    Skills: interior design, playing the piano, and ballroom dancing

    DD: Bridgette Claire
    Interests: strategy games, mittens, sledding, and foxes
    Skills: calligraphy, carpentry, and ballet dancing

    DS: Maxwell Conrad
    Interests: Old castles, woodworking, and vampires
    Skills: acting and cryptography

    DD/DD: Violet Ramona and Pearl Talullah
    Interests: Byronic Heroes, breakdancing, and social justice (Violet); Oceanography, swordfighting, and butterflies (Pearl)
    Skills: Swimming and playing the violin (Violet); Poetry, sewing, and strategizing (Pearl)

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    DH: James Lawrence Novak
    Career: Events Organiser
    Interests: Goats, aliens & hamsters.
    Skills: Heavy lifting, playing the drums & identifying plants.

    DW: Elizabeth Jean Novak [nee Stewart]
    Career: Osteopath
    Interests: Stained glass arts & nifty hats.
    Skills: Climbing & painting.

    DS: Zachary Thomas Novak
    Interests: Merpeople, calligraphy, birdhouses & old music.
    Skills: Baking, cooking & public speaking.

    DD: Victoria Lucille Novak
    Interests: Dogs and flashy pop singers.
    Skills: Skating, pyrotechnics & inventing.

    DD: Anna Charlotte Novak
    Interests: Card games, gothic literature & philosophy.
    Skills: Poetry & skating.

    DD: Layla Claire Novak
    Interests: Rugged action heroes & astronomy.
    Skills: Embroidery, playing the guitar & being stealthy

    DS: Gregory Maxwell Novak
    Interests: Birdwatching, pyrotechnics & robotics.
    Skills: Wrapping presents & boxing.

    DD/DD: Cassandra Pearl & Rosemarie Joanne Novak
    Interests: Ants, ferrets & proper etiquette [Cassandra], Beetles, crystal balls, clocks & pirates [Rosemarie]
    Skills: Packing things & acting [Cassandra], Playing the drums, lip reading, juggling & knot-tying.
    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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    Evie, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Mia, Charlotte, Sophie, Lily, Amelia

    Charlie, George, Harrison, Oliver, Oscar, James, Noah, Ethan, Harvey

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