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  • Matilda Rose

    30 39.47%
  • Matilda Jane

    36 47.37%
  • Matilda Grace

    8 10.53%
  • Matilda Lillian

    2 2.63%
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Thread: Matilda Poll

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Grace and Lillian, they're both very meaningful to me and I love seeing them used, but I had to vote Matilda Jane--I just like it best as a combo. And Tilly Jane would be an adorable nn!
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    I like them all, but voted for Matilda Jane.
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    I'm happy to see Jane getting so many votes actually. Because even though I like the sound of Matilda Rose best, Jane is actually my great great grandmother's name and she was very significant in my family history! That's the reason I thought of it as an option but just thought Rose sounded so much prettier. So now will be trying to decide between these two.

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    Matilda Grace gets my vote!

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    Had to vote for Matilda Jane. Matilda Rose is very pretty, but I like the spunkier feel of Jane, and Rose seems to be getting a little overdone, while Jane is both classic and underused, IMO.

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