The Cast List

Names from The Will of the Empress, by Tamora Pierce. All the important and named characters in that book. Information directly from cast list at back of the book. I do not own or have any claim to these characters and their stories. They belong to Tamora Pierce - Created by VeritySilver

  • Ambros

    Saghad, steward of Sandry's lands as well as of his own, dependable family man, married to Ealaga.

  • Amiliane

    Sandry's mother and Namornese heiress, deceased.

  • Bancanor

    goldsmith family in Kugisko, friends of Daja's and Frostpine's, their twin daughters are Daja's first students.

  • Bennat

    Widower, fire expert, deceased (COLD FIRE)

  • Berenene

    Sandry's cousin, empress of Namorn

  • Briar

    Former thief and street rat from Sotat, Sandry's foster brother, plant mage, maker of medicine, gardener, expert in shakkans (miniature trees), Evvy's teacher

  • Crane

    Dedicate Initiate, First Dedicate of the Air Temple at Winding Circle, sometimes teacher of the four

  • Caidlene

    Pert, dark-eyed, flirtatious lady-in-waiting

  • Chime

    Living glass dragon made by Kethlun Warder (SHATTERGLASS), living with Tris

  • Comas

    Lark's new weaving student, temple novice, lives in attic at Discipline cottage

  • Daja

    Former Trader, Sandry's foster-sister an Frostpine's student, a smith mage

  • Dymytur

    Bidis, border bandit, and would-be kidnapper

  • Evvy

    A street girl who was Briar's student, a stone mage

  • Ealaga

    Ambros's good-humored wife

  • Erdogun

    Duke Vedris of Emelan's seneschal

  • Franzen

    Vedris of Emelan's third son and present heir

  • Finlach

    Fin, a handsome noble who is one of Berenene's choices as a suitor for Sandry's hand

  • Frostpine

    Dedicate Initiate at Winding Circle, great mage, specializing in metal and fire magic, Daja's mentor

  • Glaki

    Orphan, academic mage, formerly Tris's student, now Lark's

  • Gospard

    Vedris's middle son, admiral of Emelanese navy

  • Gudruny

    Wife of Halmar and mother of his children

  • Gurkoy

    Family that lost everything for crossing the empress

  • Halmar

    Gudruny's husband, the miller

  • Holab

    Grain broker on Landreg estates

  • Ishabal

    Berenene's archmage, specialist in curses, a great mage

  • Jakuben

    Saghad, one of Berenene's favorite young noblemen, chosen by her to court Sandry

  • Kethlun

    Tris's student, the one who made Chime, lightning and glass mage

  • Lark

    Dedicate Initiate of Winding Circle, thread mage, a great mage, Sandry's mentor, foster mother to the four

  • Luvo

    Strange friend of Evvy's

  • Maedryan

    Princess, Berenene's daughter and heir, living with foster family in secrecy

  • Maghen

    Village girl on Landreg estates

  • Mattin

    Sandry's father and Vedris's nephew, deceased

  • Niklaren

    Niko, seeing mage, great mage, found Daja, Briar, and Sandry, Tris's mentor

  • Olfeon

    Master of the Imperial Armory

  • Pasco

    Young dance mage who is Sandry's first student

  • Pershan

    Shan, ambitious, handsome, and young nobleman who is one of the empress's favorites

  • Rizuka

    Young and charming, Berenene's Mistress of Wardrobe

  • Rosethorn

    Dedicate Initiate, green mage, great mage, Briar's mentor and foster mother to the four

  • Sandrilene

    Sandry, clehame, heiress, foster sister to Briar, Tris, and Daja, thread mage, favorite of her great-uncle Vedris

  • Trisana

    Irritable, shy weathermage and bookworm trying to master the skill of wind scrying, Sandry's foster sister, and Niko's student

  • Vedris

    Sandry's great-uncle, ruler of Emelan, took the four under his wing, he might make Sandry his heir instead of Franzen

  • Vetiver

    Head weaver and First Dedicate of the Earth Temple at Winding Circle

  • Voskajo

    Head of the Smith's Guild in Namorn, Daja and Frostpine's friend

  • Wenoura

    Head cook at Landreg House in Dancruan

  • Zhergorz

    Crazy man and mage