cool names that would make a great character in a book

ok so I'm an aspiring author and i use nameberry allot to find names for characters, anyway so i have some names that i think are a little more epic, serious or unique than most other names that i've come across. oh sorry if my spellings bad i was in a bit of a hurry when i wrote all this. :) - Created by Rayman_UpTheGrove

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  • ANNA (prounounced auna)

    so i think the name Anna (prounounced Auna) is a more unique name than Anna or Anne. but the name isn't too unique and it's playing it safe as far as names go. it's a pretty name, that means "Grace"

  • Airi (prounounced A-Ee-dee)

    ok so this is a Japanese name, which is why the "R" makes the "D" sound this name could ne shortened to Ari which is a more popular name in the U.S than Airi.

  • Claire

    being a big fan of a japanese video game series called final fanatasy i enjoy this name quite a bit because one of the main characters of one of the games in the series name is claire. i think claire is a flexible name, since it's linked with the names Clara and Clarice and you could probably come up with several nicknames for it. .

  • Chihiro (pronounced Chee-hero)

    ok so this is a Japanese name that means "thousand questions" i like this name because it has a good sound to it, for some reason i liken it to the name Hannah, it's a unique name to give your daughter or a character in your book

  • Elsa

    ok with the up coming movie frozen has been attracting a little more attention to the name Elsa. I think Elsa is a more serioius but very beautiful name, nicknames could be Elsie or Ellie.

  • Erika

    Erika is a more international name that you'll see in more than just one or two countries, it's a comfortible name that means "Eternal Ruler"

  • Fernanda

    so the only Fernanda that i know is a really cool and somewhat mysterious person that would make a great chracter. plus Fernanda is a very pretty name.

  • Hope

    now i know that Hope is usually used as a girl name, but it can also be a boys namoe, r a boys middle name. i think it's more of a manly name but that's just my opinion. (and i wouldn't honestly suggest naming your son hope! just because it is typically a girls name.)

  • Imogen

    Imogen with the nickname Megan is super CUTE! I am SOOO using this name. :D

  • Kami

    ok so i changed the spelling a little bit for this name wich is commonly spelled "Cami" but i think that the k is a little more unique and stylized, i think that if you named your daughter Kami instead of Cami she would be a little more unique and she might appriciate that, but that's just my opinion, Kami or Cami whichever one you like better.

  • Nara

    Nara literally means "happy" it's a Japanese name that i really enjoy, it's a simple name, but it's unique and very pretty.

  • Plaire

  • Sakura

    Sakura is a japanese name that means "Cherry blossom" Sakura is a well known name here un the U.S thanks to the awesome Anime "Naruto" and before Naruto the arcade game "Street fighter". i think Sakura is a very feminine and cheerful name. : )

  • Sergia

  • SNOW

    this name is unisex, so it could be for a girl or a guy, i first heard this name in the japanese video game final fantasy 13, and i just fell in love with it. it's a very pure and unique name.

  • Serah (Sarah)

    ok so again with unique spellings, i think that Serah is a more unique way to spell it, but the name Sarah is just as good.

  • Trudy

    so this name literally means "spear of light" and it's a good strong name,( It's also my favorite name!) Trudy really has a seriousness to it, and yet it is also cheerful at the same time.

  • Vice

    Vice is one of those names, AMAZING if you are naming a character in your book/story. REALLY BAD if naming your child!

  • Vivion (vivien)

    ok again with unique spellings, pick whichever one you like better. i think vivion or vivien has a feminine sound to it, it sounds more kind and compasionate just with the softer "on" instead of "en"