Downton Abbey

I doubt Mr Carson or the Dowager Countess have much time for frivolities, but Downton has brought some wonderful names back to prominence. What's your favourite? - Created by jjayx

  • Albert

    Albert Travis is the village vicar.

  • Alfred

    Sarah O'Brien's nephew, Alfred Nugent joins Downton as the Second Footman. Carson originally thinks him too tall (a footman should be no taller than 6ft1) but Alfred promises to try his best and is quickly fitted into daily Downton life, even though he makes many mistakes along the way. Even though Daisy seems to like him, he seems more interested in Ivy.

  • Anna

    Anna is head housemaid at Downton, before becoming Lady Mary's lady's maid following her marriage. She was one of the few to welcome Mr Bates on his arrival. The two bonded and eventually married but the path of true love was never an easy one.

  • Anthony

    Sir Anthony Strallan is the object of Lady Edith's affection's but he breaks her heart by jilting her at the altar. A new character, Lord Anthony Gillingham, is an old Crawley family friend and hopes to gain the recently widowed Mary's attention.

  • Atticus

    Atticus meets Rose in the rain one day and offers to help with her bags. They eventually bond and fall in love leading to their marriage despite objections from her mother and his father concerning his Jewish heritage.

  • Beryl

    Mrs Patmore is the cook at Downton and takes great pride in her work. Whilst sometimes a little harsh with Daisy, the scullery maid, she does care for her greatly.

  • Charles

    Mr Carson is the butler at Downton Abbey and demands precision in all of the downstairs staff. He cares for them all in a quiet fatherly manner. Upstairs, he is particularly close to Lady Mary, the Dowager Countess and Lord Grantham. Charles is also Major Bryant's first name. Another Charles, Charles Blake, arrives in Evelyn Napier's company and quickly causes a stir with Mary.

  • Cora

    Countess of Grantham. Lady Grantham is Robert's American wife.

  • Daisy

    Originally the scullery maid, she's later promoted to kitchen maid. She marries the dying William as his last wish, even though she wouldn't have under normal circumstances.

  • Daphne

    Major Charles Bryant's mother, and grandmother to the son he fathered with housemaid Ethel.

  • Edith

    Lady Edith is the second daughter of Robert and Cora. Seemingly unlucky in love, she was jilted at the alter by Sir Anthony Strallan but now seems to have found a potentially scandalous alternative.

  • Edna

    Edna joins Downton as a maid and quickly sets her sights on the widowed Tom Branson. She leaves briefly and returns as Cora's ladies maid but its not long before she causes trouble again and leaves for good.

  • Edward

    Lieutenant Edward Courtenay was a wounded officer, blinded by mustard gas. He was sent to the village hospital in Downton to recuperate his health but it was unlikely he would ever see again. He bonded with Thomas and Lady Sybil, his nurse, but when he was told he would have to leave the hospital to convalesce elsewhere without them, he commited suicide.

  • Elsie

    Head housekeeper at Downton, Mrs Hughes is in charge of the female half of the downstairs staff. Elsie once found love but chose her career at Downton over marriage.

  • Ethel

    Outspoken housemaid, Ethel, is clear with everyone that she doesn't intend to be in service forever from the moment she steps into Downton. Ethel makes the mistake of having an affair with the convalescing Major Bryant, for which Mrs Hughes dismisses her. Before long she finds herself alone and with a baby and faces the horrid choice of what is best for her child; her or another life?

  • Evelyn

    Another one-time suitor of Lady Mary, The Hon Evelyn Napier, is left put out when he introduces the Turkish Kemal Pamuk to Mary, who she immediately takes a shine to.

  • George

    The first George we meet in Downton is Mr Murray, the Earl of Grantham's lawyer. The name has also been given to the only son of Mary and Matthew, who, since the death of his father, is now the heir to the Grantham estate.

  • Gladys

    Denker is the Dowager Countess's new lady's maid in Series 5.

  • Gwen

    An ambitious housemaid at Downton, Gwen longed for more. She secretly took a short-hand typing course, a secret which was eventually discovered. Lady Sybil befriends Gwen and helps her to progress her secretary career, eventually becoming successful in finding her a job.

  • Harold

    Harold Levinson is Cora's brother, described as a free-spirit and a playboy. Harold visits in 1923.

  • Henry

    Mr Lang was the shell-shocked valet of Lord Grantham. He struggled in the working environment and eventually left Downton.

  • Horace

    Major Charles Bryant's father, and grandfather to the son he fathered with housemaid Ethel.

  • Hugh

    Hugh 'Shrimpie' MacClare, Marquess of Flintshire and Rose's father. His marriage to Susan was never for love and the more they spend time together, the more they realise how little they have in common.

  • Isobel

    Matthew's mother. The daughter, sister and wife of doctor's, Isobel trained as a nurse during the Boer War. Her liberal attitude has come into contention from Violet, but the two have found a grudging respect for one another.

  • Ivy

    Ivy Stuart is the kitchen maid. Despite the attentions of Alfred, she takes a fancy to Jimmy Kent.

  • Jack

    The first black character in the show, Jack Ross is an American jazz singer. He meets Lady Mary, Lady Rose, Lady Rosamund and Tom in London one night before coming to Downton. He shares a short romance with Lady Rose before leaving to spare her future trouble that being with a black man would cause at the time.

  • Jane

    A recently war-widowed mother, Jane comes to Downton out of a need to provide for her son. During a rough patch in his marriage to Cora, Robert bonded with the new maid, leading to them sharing a kiss. Jane leaves Downton soon after.

  • Jimmy

    James 'Jimmy' Kent, joins as First Footman alongside Alfred. Jimmy soon becomes the object of Thomas' affections, something which he is deeply uncomfortable with. Ivy also takes a shine to him, even though Alfred is trying to get her attention. Jimmy is experienced in his work and fits naturally into his footman role at Downton.

  • Joe

    Joe Burns is the former suitor of Mrs Hughes. He offered her marriage but she chose her life at Downton instead.

  • John

    Mr Bates arrived at Downton as the valet, unwelcomed by most downstairs but heralded by Lord Grantham. Slowly most warmed to him but none more so than Anna the housemaid. Together they overcame trials of the wrath of Mrs Bates and are now happily married.

  • Jos

    Briefly suitor to Mrs Patmore, Jos Tufton didn't shy away from giving other women attention. Needless to say, Mrs Patmore wasn't disappointed when it didn't work out.

  • Kemal

    Kemal was the son of one of the Turkish Sultan's ministers. In the course of seducing the Lady Mary, he dies in bed from a sudden heart attack.

  • Kieran

    Kieran Branson is Tom Branson's older brother who visits Downton following the death of Tom's wife, Sybil. Kieran is much more comfortable downstairs but Tom insists he won't let his brother offend Cora and the family upstairs.

  • Laurence

    Larry Grey is Lord Merton elder son. He made a lasting impression at a dinner party where he spiked Tom Branson's drink resulting in him facing the wrath of the Crawley's and his father. He later made a repeat performance at a dinner to celebrate his father's engagement to Isobel.

  • Lavinia

    One-time fiancee of Matthew Crawley, Lavinia is the daughter of a London Solicitor. They met when Matthew was on leave from the field and quickly became engaged. Following the end of the war however, the Spanish Flu takes over Downton and Lavinia dies, after confessing that she knew Matthew had kissed and still loved Mary.

  • Mabel

    Mabel Lane Fox was engaged to Lord Gillingham when he met and fell for Mary Crawley, calling off the wedding. She weathered the storm of Mary and Tony's short lived relationship and her and Tony reconciled.

  • Madeleine

    Madeleine appears in the 2013 Christmas Special with her father. She bonds with Harold Levinson.

  • Marigold

    Lady Rosamund's maid. She had an affair with Rosamund's potential suitor, Lord Hepworth. Also the name of Edith's illegitimate daughter.

  • Martha

    Martha Levinson is the very American mother of Cora. Brash and outspoken, she visits Downton for Mary's wedding and is much more comfortable with modernising than Violet.

  • Mary

    Lady Mary is the eldest Crawley daughter. Now the widow of Matthew, she's been left to raise baby George, the new heir to the Grantham estate, alone.

  • Matthew

    A distant cousin of the family, Matthew was roped into the world of Downton, when the previous heir apparently died on the Titanic. Originally unenthusiastic, Matthew grew to appreciate and tackle the role of heir. He and Mary fell in love and, after a series of self-imposed doubt, bad luck and unfortunate outside influences, they married. Sadly Matthew died, but only after the birth of his son George.

  • May

    Mrs May Bird is the cook at Crawley House for Isobel. May is also the middle name of Anna Bates.

  • Michael

    Michael Gregson is a magazine editor and love interest to Lady Edith, despite the fact that he is already married. His wife is in an asylum and under British law, Michael is unable to obtain a divorce and so he heads to Munich. He hasn't been seen since.

  • Patrick

    Patrick Crawley was the previous heir before he seemingly perished on the Titanic. A badly burnt Patrick Gordon came to Downton to convalesce, claiming to be the amnesiac Patrick Crawley. Only Edith believed his story and he left.

  • Philip

    The Duke of Crowborough was a suitor of Lady Mary's, looking for a rich heiress to resolve his financial problems. He was also a lover to Thomas Barrow, a relationship that ended on Thomas' attempt to blackmail him.

  • Phyllis

    Baxter is Cora's latest lady's maid. Thomas helped her acquire the job and uses that as way to make her help him in his schemes, whether she likes it or not.

  • Richard

    The name of a doctor and a journalist. Dr Richard Clarkson has been the family's doctor for many, many years whilst Sir Richard Carlisle is a new-money journalist and one-time fiance of Lady Mary. Lord Merton is also a Richard but is affectionately known as Dickie.

  • Robert

    Earl of Grantham. Lord Grantham, is the head of the Crawley family.

  • Rosamund

    Lady Rosamund Painswick is the sister of Robert, daughter of Violet and widow of Marmaduke. Having had no children, she takes great interest in the lives of her nieces, freely expressing her opinion on their choices and regularly coming into contention with her mother.

  • Rose

    Rose Macclare is the youngest daughter of the Marquess of Flintshire and great-niece of Violet. At eighteen, she's ready to make the most of the new world that the Roaring 20's presents.

  • Sarah

    O'Brien is Lady Grantham's lady's maid and one time partner-in-crime to Thomas Barrow. Largely bitter and a schemer, Sarah softened slightly, through guilt, following Cora's miscarriage. Alfred Nugent is her nephew. Sarah Bunting, another character, is a school teacher growing close to Tom.

  • Simon

    Mr Bricker is an art historian who becomes friends with Cora. He later assumes the relationship will reach further but it severely disappointed

  • Susan

    Susan MacClare, Marchioness of Flintshire, Rose's mother and Violet's niece. Her marriage to Hugh has never been brilliant and her relationship with her daughter has deteriorated as she tries to control Rose's behaviour.

  • Sybil

    Lady Sybil was the youngest Crawley daughter. Always slightly rebellious she found love in the family chaffeur, Tom Branson and married him, to Robert's dismay. Following the birth of their daughter, Sybil passed away due to eclampsia. Her name was passed on to her daughter, known as Sybbie.

  • Thomas

    Originally the First Footman, Thomas signs up for the Royal Army Medical Corps at the break out of WWI. He returns to Downton after getting injured on the battlefield and becomes the manager of the convalesence home Downton has become. After the war he tries and fails at working the black market before returning as the First Footman. He's then briefly a valet, before becoming an under-butler. Thomas is a homosexual and struggles in a time when such a thing is illegal.

  • Timothy

    Tim Drewe is a tenant farmer and friend to Edith. She later allows him to raise her secret illegitimate daughter.

  • Tom

    Formerly the chaffeur, Tom always had one eye on the political game. Sybil and he bonded over their want for progression and they fell in love. Tom is now an agent of the Grantham estate, raising his and Sybil's daughter, Sybbie, with the help of the Crawleys.

  • Vera

    The first wife of Mr Bates, Vera and John had been estranged after he went to prison for her. She reeks havoc on John's life, preventing him from divorcing her to be with Anna through blackmail. She later commits suicide in an attempt to frame John for murder.

  • Violet

    Matriarch to the Crawley's, Violet's sardonic wit is synonymous upstairs and down. She wants the best for her family and rarely stops until she's got it.

  • William

    Originally Second Footman, William is called up by army during WWI. William holds a soft spot for Daisy and on his deathbed, following injury at Amiens, she marries him. He died from his injuries just a few hours later.