Persian-American Names

Persian, Arabic, and Turkish names usable in both the US and Iran. - Created by tfzolghadr

  • Amir

    A name fit for a king.

  • Anahita

    Although "hit" is not the most attractive in English, this gives you 2 common nickname options: Ana, and Anahi.

  • Ara

    Simple yet charming, Ara fits perfectly into both cultures.

  • Ariana

    This is quite a common name in the US, but beautiful nonetheless.

  • Artin

    With the nickname Art, this name is the perfect balance between maintaining culture and allowing your child to fit in.

  • Ava

    Ava is the best choice if you're looking for an extremely popular name in the West that also works in Iran.

  • Ayla

    Pronounced the same as Isla, this Turkish name is growing in popularity.

  • Aylin

    Similar to Eileen, this name is perfect for a family who wants their children to fit in.

  • Amitis

    This ancient Persian name was born by a queen and wife of Cyrus the Great. It means "wise friend", and has an inherent elegance. Amitis' similarity to such ancient Greek names as Artemis also gives it a more familiar feeling to native English speakers.

  • Arslan

    With it's ties to C.S. Lewis, this Turkish name could work in the U.S. (emphasis on could). However, "arse" might make it quite easy to tease. A good middle name consideration.

  • Ashkan

    Unlike many Persian names, this one is easy to pronounce! Ash- names are popular these days, making this a viable option.

  • Avina

    Avina brings new life to the overdone Ava, and means 'pure'.

  • Ayda

    Don't let the 'Ay' trick you... this name is pronounced similarly to Ida.

  • Aysan

    With Ayla and Aylin climbing the charts, this one has some potential. However, get ready for some pronunciation confusion, and some may think your little one is a boy.

  • Camellia

    This name fits right in with the vintage and flower name trends.

  • Caspar

    One of the 3 Magi, who many believe were Zoroastrian priests from Persia. Alternate spelling: Casper

  • Caspian

    Not strictly Persian per say, but brings to mind the strength and wonder of the Caspian Sea.

  • Cyrus

    Koroush in Persian, Cyrus was a key figure in Iranian history. The founder of religious freedom and human rights, Cyrus makes a perfect namesake.

  • Cassandan

    The name of Cyrus (Koroush) the Great's wife, this name is similar to Cassandra and Cassidy, with a bit of an unexpected twist.

  • Darius

    Dariush in Persian, Darius is a regal option with considerable history.

  • Darya

    Although Darya brings to mind the 90s cartoon with the sarcastic, bespectacled teenager, it would work perfectly well in both Iran and the West.

  • Dina

    A name with beauty in its simplicity, Dina can be pronounced Die-na or Dee-nah in the US... so you will need to be prepared to correct the pronunciation.

  • Dori

    Not a very beautiful name in English, but it is easy.

  • Donya

    Although rarely seen in the West, Donya would be easily pronounced, and sounds quite beautiful.

  • Farrin

    Farrin almost fits in with unisex names in the West like Fallon and Quinn.

  • Helia

    This is a perfectly wonderful name with just the right amount of glitter and glam in the West. However, you'll want to pronounce it Heel-ee-uh, not Hell-ee-uh.

  • Keyvan

    Pronounced similarly to Kevin, this name might seem a bit dated. Moreover, the spelling won't make most Americans think "exotic", but instead "misspelled"...

  • Kian

    Meaning 'the kings', this name is quite similar to the Irish Kian (kee-in), making it a great option.

  • Kiana

    A short, cute name with a lot of spunk.

  • Kimia

    A spunky and different option, this name will stand out in the West while still offering the familiar Kim as a nickname. Alternate spelling: Kimiya

  • Kamran

    Similar to the popular "Cameron", Kamran means 'successful and fortunate'.

  • Katayoun

    This name leads to the great mainstream nicknames of Kat, Kathy, Katie, etc., but sounds a lot like 'cartoon'. This is best kept as a middle name.

  • Kia

    If you don't mind sharing the name with a car brand, Kia makes an easily pronounced option.

  • Leila

    This name came to mainstream American culture via Eric Clapton, and now it's taken the baby name world by storm. Be prepared for this name's popularity.

  • Lila

    Very common in the US, this name fits right in with Lily, Lillian, and all the other sound-alike names.

  • Lily

    Also spelled Lili, this name is extremely common. Be prepared for your child to be surrounded by Lil-'s.

  • Lina

    Sweet and simple...

  • Marta

    This name stands out with a bit of vintage appeal, making it right on-trend in the US.

  • Maryam

    A beautiful option, which even outshines its English version, Miriam.

  • Media

    It is a brand of electronics, but it still has a nice ring.

  • Mehri

    English speakers have a difficult time with the Persian 'h' in the middle of names. This is the perfect name, if you are willing to let Americans call your daughter Mary.

  • Melody

    Begu eshgheh man, begu eshgheh man are. Also spelled Melodi, this name has come into the spotlight via Arash's "Melody". Although not a common or trendy choice, it is still quite beautiful.

  • Mina

    Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful, as is the case with Mina.

  • Mona

    A fabulous option, as it brings to mind Western art heritage, including the Mona Lisa.

  • Malakeh

    Completely unheard of in the West, this name has an exotic flare that lets it shine.

  • Matin

    If you don't mind an Arabic name, this one might just work. A more unique alternative to Matthew, Matin still gives the Matt nickname.

  • Matissa

    Although practically unheard of in the West, this name could be perfect for the artistic family, as it is quite close to the surname of French artist Henri-Emile-Benoit Matisse.

  • Naveed

    Navid or Naveed may look similar to David, but it has much more swagger. Meaning 'glad tidings, good news' this name has the perfect amount of uniqueness. Alternate spelling: Navid

  • Niki

    This would be the perfect name for a family that likes a short name. Beware, though, many families may think this is a nickname, and expect a longer name.

  • Nasrin

    There's something in this name that just makes it flow so beautifully. Alternate spelling: Nasreen

  • Parisa

    Pronounced Pah-rees-uh, this name gives a sophisticated alternative to Paris. Also, it's "angel-like" meaning is just divine.

  • Pasha

    A Turkish name, this name is rarely used in the US, but widely recognized via Russia.

  • Piran

    Another character in the Shahnameh, Piran is also an Irish name. This is a very uncommon name in the US, but one that would be easily pronounced.

  • Parin

    Another rare, ancient Persian name, Parin means "the same as an angel/ faerie". Princess Parin was a famous politician.

  • Parisan

    Less appealing than Parisa, this name still gives you the option of Parisa. However, with the somewhat masculine 'n' ending and likelihood of being confused with 'Parisian', this name might fit better in the middle name spot.

  • Rayan

    It seems like every Persian-American family has a son named Rayan (pronounced similarly to Ryan). Although this Arabic name is easier in some ways, the pronunciation is anything but intuitive. Moreover, the spelling makes it look a bit like rayon. You might just consider going with the English spelling, Ryan.

  • Roxana

    A wonderfully historical and spunky name, especially with the nickname Roxy. You may need to ignore the fact that she married Alexander the Great, who burned down Persepolis... Barbarian *cough*

  • Reyhaneh

    This is not the most intuitive name for English speakers to pronounce or spell, but it is also not difficult after a try or two. In the age of unisex names, Reyhan has an exotically unisex vibe.

  • Sam

    A character in the Shahnameh, this name is simple and versatile, fitting perfectly into both cultures.

  • Sarah

    Terrified your daughter might stand out? Sarah (alternative spelling: Sara) is the #1 name to let her blend in. This name is more American than apple pie.

  • Sarina

    Who would've known that this elegant, feminine name was Persian? An uncommon name in Iran, Sarina blends perfectly into American culture. Not only does it sound nice to the American ear, but it's also not overly popular. Thus, you won't have to worry about your daughter being Sarina M. for the rest of her life.

  • Shirin

    A "sweet" option for any little girl. This name deserves extra consideration for the love story of Khosrau and Shirin (also known as Farhad and Shirin).

  • Soraya

    A stellar choice that adds a little flare to the overused Sarah. Do be aware of the connection to the film "The Stoning of Soraya M.", but also realize that most Americans have never seen that film.

  • Soren

    Tied to the Suren-Pahlavi clan, this name is a stylish option.

  • Suri

    Brought to America by Suri Cruise, this name conjures the glamour of Hollywood.

  • Sevil

    A beautiful Turkish name when said, but not when written (due to the "evil"). You might consider spelling it Seville...

  • Shaheen

    This name rolls off the tongue much easier than the other Shah- names, i.e. Shahram. Meaning "falcon", this name exudes power.

  • Shaya

    Meaning 'worthy', this name gives a much more masculine impression than Shayan, in part due to actor Shia LaBeouf.

  • Sura

    Meaning "flower face", this was the name of a female general and a famous military strategist. Although not a common name, its similarity to Suri and Sara make it a bit more familiar.

  • Tala

    Similar to the popular Talia, this name is simple yet gorgeous.

  • Tara

    Although better suited to a 50 year old in the US, this name is easy and will never raise an eyebrow.

  • Tiran

    The name of an Armenian king, this name is used in Iran, but would also be a viable option in the U.S.

  • Viona

    Similar enough to Fiona that this could be a viable option.

  • Vis

    This ancient name wouldn't work well as a first name, given pronunciation issues and similarity to the word "vice". However, the love story of Ramin and Vis makes it worthy for consideration as a spunky, short middle.

  • Zal

    Although "albino" may not be the most appealing meaning, Zal was a warrior in the Shahnameh. This isn't a common name in the US, but one that is easily pronounced.