Boy's Names

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  • Alexander

    (Greek) Means 'defending men' - Nickname: Alex

  • Alfred

    (English) Means 'wise counsellor' - Nickname: Alfie/Freddie

  • Atticus

    (Greek) Means 'from Athens'

  • August

    (German) Means 'majestic, venerable'

  • Benjamin

    (Hebrew) Means 'son of the right hand' - Nickname: Benji

  • Callum

    (Scottish) Means 'dove'

  • Dexter

    (Latin) Means 'dyer, right-handed'

  • Dylan

    (Welsh) Means 'son of the sea'


  • Edmund

    (English) Means 'fortunate protector'

  • Edward

    (English) Means 'wealthy guardian'

  • Edwin

    (English) Means 'wealthy friend'

  • Emmett

    (Hebrew English) Means 'truth, universal'

  • Frederic

    (German) Means 'powerful ruler' - Nickname: Fred/Freddie

  • George

    (Greek) Means 'farmer'

  • Gregory

    (Greek) Means 'vigilant, a watchman'

  • Harry

    (German) Means 'estate ruler'

  • ISOA

  • Jack

    (English) Means 'God is gracious'

  • Jacob

    (Hebrew) Means 'supplanter' - Nickname: Jake

  • James

    (English) Means 'supplanter'

  • Joshua

    (Hebrew) Means 'the Lord is my salvation' - Nickname: Josh

  • Leo

    (Latin) Means 'lion'

  • Lucas

    (Greek) Means 'from Luciana'

  • Nicholas

    (Greek) Means 'people of victory'

  • Oliver

    (Latin) Means 'olive tree'

  • Oscar

    (English) Means 'champion warrior'

  • Otto

    (German) Means 'wealthy'

  • Patrick

    (Latin) Means 'noble, patrician' - Nickname: Ricky

  • Reuben

    (Hebrew) Means 'behold, a son'

  • Sebastian

    (Latin Greek) Means 'person from ancient city of Sebasta' - Nickname: Seb

  • Theo

    (Greek) Means 'divine gift'

  • Toby

    (Greek) Means 'God is good'

  • Todd

    (English) Means 'fox'

  • Wilfred

    (English) Means 'desires peace' - Nickname: Will/Fred/Freddie

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