Unusable Names

You obviously wouldn’t name your son Adolph, which once was a very respectable German name meaning ‘noble wolf’, but some names and name combos should be crossed off anyone’s list. Naming your daughter Zelda will not serve her well- the namesake of a kidnapped princess isn’t the best one out there. Knowing pop culture can serve you well. For example, a person was once asking about Nathaniel Drake, a fine and dandy boys’ name. That is, if you were naming him after the popular Uncharted video game series’ hero Nathan Drake. When considering a name, be careful to not unwittingly stroll into a trap where people asked you if your child was named after so-and-so. Here are some names that have been made unusable or on the border. Make sure you know most of the connections that a name (especially a name combo) has. - Created by Aurra

  • Bellatrix

    Namesake: female villain in Harry Potter

  • Casey

    Namesake: Casey Anthony, woman who was aquitted of murdering her daughter in an international case

  • Katrina

    Namesake: Hurricane that destroyed New Orleans in 2005

  • Luigi

    Namesake: famous video game character

  • Mario

    Namesake: famous video game character

  • Osama

    Namesake: former leader of Al Quaeda who orchestrated 9-11

  • Zelda

    Namesake: Princess Zelda of The Legend of Zelda video game series

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