Upbeat and Fresh Holy Names for Girls (Saints)

- Created by emmybee

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  • Adela

    Follower of St. Boniface, Frankish princess

  • Adelaide

    Patron Saint of brides, large families, princesses, and widows

  • Agatha

    Nun and missionary in Germany in the 700's

  • Ascella

    Virgin hermitess, and "flower of the Lord"

  • Asteria

    Sicilian virgin and martyr

  • Agape

    Follower of St. Valentine, name means Christian love

  • Aleydis

    Patron saint of the blind and paralyzed

  • Alodia

    Martyred nun whose father put her in a brothel, then had her beheaded for not rejecting her faith

  • Amabilis

    Princess and nun

  • Anysia

    Greek virgin and martyr

  • Attracta

    Friend of St. Patrick, famous for healing and charity

  • Beatrix

    Founder of the congregation of the immaculate conception

  • Benedicta

    Mystic who had visions of St. Peter

  • Bronach

    (pron. broh-nah) Revered for her spiritual gifts, and her great beauty. Irish.

  • Cera

    Abbess in Ireland

  • Caellainn

    Iris saint

  • Caritas

    Blessed, did a huge amount of charity work in Ecuador

  • Cinnia

    Irish princess, became a nun, follower of St. Patrick

  • Delphinia

    Blessed wife of St. Elzear, model wife

  • Dorothy

    Refused to make pagan sacrifice

  • Devota

    Corsican Martyred on the rack, patron of sea farers

  • Dionysia

  • Dymphna

    Patron Saint of the nervous

  • Emiliana

    Aunt of St. Gregory the Great

  • Eulalia

    Patron of runaways, torture victims, and widows

  • Edwen

    Daughter of the first Christian king of Wales

  • Emerentiana

    Roman martyr

  • Eurosia

    French martyr, refused to marry a saracen

  • Everild

    Benedictine abbess

  • Fina

    Girl tried by disease and intense affliction, and whose faith remained true

  • Flora

    Patron of the abandoned and the betrayed

  • Febronia

    Refused to marry the emperor's son

  • Foila

    Patron of two parishes in Galway, Ireland

  • Frideswide

    Founded St. Mary's convent at Oxford

  • Galla

    Roman widow and saint

  • Gemma

    Italian Mystic, "Daughter of passion"

  • Genevieve

    Is said to have saved Paris from the Huns

  • Gwen

    Patron of fertility

  • Helena

    Empress mother of Constantine

  • Hermione


  • Hilaria

  • Honorata

    Kidnapped nun

  • Hyacinthe

    So scandalous she was made to become a nun, and eventually became a model nun

  • Humbeline

    Benedictine abbess (super cute name! lol)

  • Illuminata

    Exceptionally holy

  • Isidora

    Egyptian hermitess

  • Ia

    Greek slave, great teacher of Christianity

  • Imma

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