Names of Beatles Song Characters

Names with a little help from the Fab Four! (Not including cover songs/real people--save for the Beatles themselves, their relatives, and Paul's dog, Martha.) - Created by when-im-1964

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  • Bill

    Hey, what did he kill? From The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.

  • Billy

    The lead singer of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. From Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and A Little Help from my Friends.

  • Chuck

    Grandchild two of three. From When I'm Sixty-Four.

  • Dan

    Rocky Raccoon's rival. From Rocky Raccoon.

  • Dave

    Grandchild three of three. From When I'm Sixty-Four.

  • Desmond

    Works a barrow in the marketplace. From Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da.

  • Eleanor

    Picks up the rice in a church wear a wedding has been. From Eleanor Rigby.

  • Henry

    The horse. From Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.

  • Joan

    Quizzical, studied pataphysical science in the home. From Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

  • Jojo

    A man who thought he was a loner, but he knew it wouldn't last. From Get Back.

  • Jude

    The movement he needs is on his shoulder. From Hey Jude.

  • Julia

    Ocean child. From Julia.

  • Lil

    What Magill calls herself. From Rocky Raccoon.

  • Lizzy

    Guaranteed to make you dizzy. From Dizzy Miss Lizzy.

  • Loretta

    All the girls around her said she's got it coming, but she gets it while she can. From Get Back.

  • Lucy

    The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

  • Madonna

    Wonder how she manages to make ends meet? From Lady Madonna.

  • Martha

    Paul's inspiration (the best dog around!). From Martha My Dear.

  • Mary

    Mother speaks words of wisdom. From Let It Be.

  • Maxwell

    Bang! Bang! Watch out for his hammer. From Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

  • Mckenzie

    The priest who darns his socks in the night when there's nobody there. From Eleanor Rigby.

  • Michelle

    My belle. From Michelle.

  • Molly

    The singer in a band. From Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da.

  • Magill

    Rocky Raccoon's ex-girlfriend. From Rocky Raccoon.

  • Mary Jane

    Had a pain at the party. From What's the New Mary Jane?

  • Nancy

    What Magill is known by. From Rocky Raccoon.

  • Pam

    She's the kind of a girl who makes

  • Paul

    The real walrus. From Glass Onion.

  • Prudence

    Won't she come out to play? From Dear Prudence.

  • Rita

    The loveliest meter maid. From Lovely Rita.

  • Robert

    No one can succeed like this doctor. From Doctor Robert.

  • Rocky

    Young boy from the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota. From Rocky Raccoon.

  • Rose

    One of Maxwell's fangirls. From Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

  • Sadie

    The greatest of them all. From Sexy Sadie.

  • Valerie

    Maxwell's other fangirl. From Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

  • Vera

    Grandchild one of three. From When I'm Sixty-Four.