Flower Child Girls Names

I'm a bit of a hippie so some of my names are sort of strange. But here are my favorite girls names. - Created by nicole2005

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  • Calypso

    Calypso is a very unusual name. It reminds me of an exotic paradies or a beautiful beach. It is very wild but also has a bit of class to it. It would be a cute first name or middle name for a little girl.

  • Indigo

    Indigo is a beautiful name for a girl especially if she is a rainbow baby (google it). It isn't as bold as naming your daughter "Blue" or "Yellow" but it is still very bold and edgy. Its a cute name for a girl who is a rainbow in somebody's storm.

  • Luna

    In Italian Luna means moon. I really like the saying "i love you to the moon and ack" and since Luna means moon i think it wuld be really beautiful to name a girl after that. The name has class but it is still a bit wild or edgy which i like. Its a great name for a little blue eyed babe

  • Topanga

    Topanga Canyon is a beautiful place in California. I think it would be really nice to name a girl after the Canyon because it is big and open and perfect. When I think of the name Topanga I imagine a wild young girl who is confident and free spirited.

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