Unique Badass Names

A mix of names I've found and ones I've made up myself. I also tried to focus this list on names that will grow up with your child. They could easily fit a baby, child, teenager, and adult. - Created by sanaalia

  • Abel

    Pronounced like

  • Antigone

    From the play written by Sophocles.

  • Antiquity

    Elegant sounding without being too common or traditional

  • Apollo

    Obviously I have a fascination with Greek mythology.

  • Artemis

    A powerful Greek goddess.

  • Avalon

    Very pretty, but would personally be afraid of people trying to use Ava as a nickname since I'm not a fan.

  • Aezara

    I always saw this as a middle name, but it could easily be a first name. Pronounced ay-zara.

  • Berlin

    For those who want a fun place name! Could also spell it Berlyn.

  • Circe

    Circe was the name of a Greek goddess who turn Odysseus and his men into pigs. About as badass as it gets.

  • Democracy

    Sounds crazy, but it also sounds very cool and edgy. A nickname could be Demi.

  • Devon

    Pronounced like Devin, but a more feminine spelling. I would personally use this as a middle name.

  • Devereux

    Pronounced Dev-row.

  • Dusk

    Not completely sold, but sounds beautiful.

  • Ember

    I got this name from a book series I read as a child.

  • Essence

    Kinda hippie, but beautiful

  • Essex

    Could be seen as unisex. Pairs well with Essence.

  • Ever

    A very interesting, shorter name.

  • Empire

    This could be cute. I'm not totally sold on it myself though.

  • Evera

    Another play on the name Ever.

  • Everess

    If you cant tell I love names that end in -ess.

  • Halcyon

    Beautiful meaning, badass sound.

  • Hamilton

    Inspired by Alexander Hamilton, the neurotic but badass founding father.

  • Harlow

    This name is both sweet and badass at the same time. Is beginning to gain popularity.

  • Holland

    Another really edgy place name.

  • Hyperion

    A Greek mythology name for boys. Pronounced Hy-pear-ion

  • Heiress

    Could also see this being spelled Airess or Aris

  • Indio

    A play on the girl's name India.

  • Kingdom

    Could see this for a girl too.....

  • Luna

    This name is a lot more common than the others, but it's incredible. It means 'moon' and the moon is very powerful.

  • Labrynith

    Mysterious vibe with a mythology reference.

  • Montgomery

    Sounds uppity, but really cool at the same time. Nickname could be Monty.

  • Midas

    King Midas was a figure in Greek mythology who turned everything he touched into gold. What he thought was a blessing soon became a curse.

  • Monticello

    Another US History inspired name. I love this name as long as people pronounce it right.

  • Olympia

    An awesome alternative to Olivia!

  • Reign

    One of my favorites. It just feels powerful.

  • Rogue

    Okay this is straight badass. Also possibly Star Wars inspired?

  • Remedy

    A nickname could be Remi/Remy.

  • Socrates

    If you're into naming your kid after a rad philosopher.

  • Symphony

    Music themed name. I can totally picture a little girl in a leather jacket with this one!

  • Solis

    Can mean comfort, or even delight. Sounds beautiful.

  • Sophrosyne

    A beautiful Greek mythology name if you're brave.

  • Troubadour

    Sounds rebellious and fancy at the same time. Also reminds me of the word trouble.

  • Vernon

    A more traditional sounding name that isn’t too common.

  • Versailles

    I would only use this as a middle name, but I could see it as a first too.

  • Wanderess

    Personally, I think this name is very interesting. It sounds very intriguing.

  • Xeplin

    Love this! Pronounced the same as Zepplin but with more edge.

  • Zen

    Would use this as a middle name.