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  • Blog Post: Leonine Names For Leo Babies

    it's now Number 74 in the U.S.. Leon: Not far behind Leo in the U.S., and ahead in some parts of

  • Blog Post: Zodiac Baby Names: Leo the lion

    By E. Wittig The fiery lion closes in overhead as the Western Zodiac moves from Cancer to Leo

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: A Sister for Rex and Leo

    Lauren writes: Our two little fellows, Rex, 3, and Leo, 18 months, will have a little sister

  • Blog Post: The Boys of Summer: Apollo, Elio and Leo

    Italian Giuliano. LEO/LEON/LEONARD—If your boy is born between July 23rd and August 22nd, he’s a Leo

  • List: Leo Baby Names

    Agni, Alba, Apollo, Ariel, Arpina, Aslan, August, Aurelia, Aurora, Baskara, Beau, Blaze, Brigitte, Cecelia, Chrysanthemum, Corona, Cyrus, Eilidh, Elio, Hamza, Helios, Henrietta, Hestia, Ila, Isaac, Jagger, Jin, Jules, Julian, Leocadia, Leonardo, Leonie, Leopold, Levon, Lionel, Loew, Loki, Lotus, Lucille, Marigold, Mirri, Osiris, Othniel, Paz, Pele, Peridot, Pompey, Quincy, Quinto, Ravi, Ruby, Ruslan, Samson, Sol, Sorley, Summer, Sunday, Sunniva, Swan, Vanna, Vulcan, Wolf, Zosma

  • Fameberry: Leo James

    Sean Maguire

  • Fameberry: Leo Grey

    Kaitlin Olson & Rob McElhenney

  • Fameberry: Leo Thames

    Jaime King

  • Fameberry: Leo James

    Courtney Ford & Brandon Routh

  • Fameberry: Leo & Lenny

    Roger Federer

  • Fameberry: Leo & Lenon

    Jaime Pressly

  • Fameberry: Leo Kipling

    Kim Raver

  • Fameberry: Leo Benjamin

    Jeff Gordon

  • User List: Ways to get to Leo

    Leandro, Galileo, Leonardo, Lennon, Leo, Leon, Leonart, Leonas, Leonello, Lionel, Leopold, Leroy, Levi, Emilio, Achilleo, Helio

  • Fameberry: Leo Encinas Cruz

    Penelope Cruz & Javier Barden

  • Forums: Leo Augustus

  • Forums: Jasper or Leo

  • Forums: Thoughts on Leo

  • Forums: WDYT of Leo Jasper?

  • Forums: Leo or Orion? Nature middle?

  • Blog Post: French Baby Names: Les fleurs

    By Mélissa Delahaye of Jolis Prénoms Flower names for babies are very popular all over the world. Naming your baby after one of the most beautiful things in nature is a lovely thing. Here are some French names inspired by flowers. Some of them may surprise you, especially in the boy’s section! GIRL NAMES Fleur. Let’s start with the most obvious name on this list. The French word for flower has been commonly used as a name since the 70s. This feminine, free-spirited name sounds both...

  • Forums: Leo or Remy? Help me decide!

  • Forums: Brother or Sister for Leo James and Piper Rose...

  • Blog Post: October Berrybabes: Callum, Cosima, Cressida and Cleo

    , sister of Simone Marguerite, Clemence Elisabeth and Leo Barthelemy “We chose Esmee because it’s so

  • Blog Post: Lego Baby Names: Axl to Zane

    choice is currently represented by singer Nya Lee. Olivia is another Lego Friends character; this

  • Blog Post: Girl Baby Names: Harlow, Cleo, or Willow?

    They’ve narrowed their list to three great names for their new daughter: Cleo, Harlow, or Willow

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry 9: From Noah to Sabbath, normal to neo

    For The Nameberry 9 this week, Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel picks names that are both inside and out of the safety zone. If you’re a long-time name nerd, I have a question for you. Have you become more tolerant of names that fall outside your personal comfort zone?  Or are your convictions about certain topics – spelling, gender, nicknames – growing stronger? This week’s most newsworthy baby names run the gamut, from the truly unusual to the just-a-little-different.  They...

  • Blog Post: Would You Let This Woman Name Your Baby?

    /Alana/Elana, Eliana, Aliza (pronounced: ah-LEE-za), Eliza (pronounced: eh-LIE-za) Names for Boys

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Trends: The latest ley-ending girls

    comes in different varieties, including -lea, -lee, -leigh, -lie, and -ly. Altogether, -ley names feel

  • User List: -ley, -ly, -lie, -lee names

    Zuly, Molly, Harley, Zelie, Finley, Maelie, Waverly, Ripley, Lilly, Pressley, Westerleigh, Hadley, Marley, Florentina