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  • Fameberry: Zen

    Zoe Saldana & Marco Perego

  • Blog Post: Ryan Wong: Can You Mix Ethnicities?

    . Sometimes, a name may be a way to assert an ethnic strain that might otherwise not be visible

  • List: Old Man Names

    Seymour, Sidney, Gus, Arthur, Edmund, Edwin, Walter, Victor, Mortimer, Milton, Murray, Theodore, Barney, Harvey, Harry, Frank, Frederick, Ralph, Calvin, Wilbur, Alfred, Julius, Eugene, Louis, Raymond, Martin, Monty, Stanley, Humphrey, Gilbert, Howard, Harold, Wallace, Wilfred, Albert, Leonard, Desmond

  • Blog Post: Old Man Names: Crusty or Cool?

    Old Man Names are the new Old Lady Names. They're the next frontier of vintage names, we mean

  • Blog Post: Can These Baby Namers Ever Agree?

    any middle ground, and how can they possibly find it when every conversation ends with an eye roll

  • Blog Post: Reversible Names: The palindromes Hannah, Otto and Nan

    If you’re looking for a name with perfect symmetry and balance, nothing could fit the bill better than a palindromic appellation, meaning one that reads the same backwards and forwards. Granted, that’s a pretty limited field, and a lot of the choices begin and end with the letter ‘a’ with only one consonant in-between, but there are a few others as well. Here are the most usable: [nggallery id="118" template="nameberry"]

  • Blog Post: Can you help this teenberry love her name?

    berries. Can she learn to love her name? Or is it time to start over with something new?  She writes

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: Can We Still Use Our Favorite Name?

    love as much. I hope you can help!  The Name Sage replies: Jasmine, I am so sorry you’re

  • Blog Post: Notable names of October: Ian, Una and Arthur

    -medal swimmer, Ian is an appealing name that packs a lot into three letters. Easy to spell and

  • Blog Post: Can You Really Put That on the Birth Certificate?

    grown up to become full names standing on their own. Can you really put Ani or Art, Zelie or Zack on

  • Blog Post: She Suggests Names, He Vetoes Them: Can This Couple Negotiate?

    my life.  With each passing week, in an attempt to sleep comfortably, my wife had stacked foam pads

  • Blog Post: Can These Baby Namers Escape the Top 100?

    , that popular names are often great names. We’re all using them, because, well, how can you not like

  • Blog Post: Are There Pokemon Names You Can Actually Use?

    "philosopher's stone" of mythology. The name can also be a creative spelling of Paris. #63 - Abra This

  • Blog Post: Question of the Week: Can you reserve a baby name?

    names? That's our question of the week: What's fair in baby-naming?  Can you reserve a baby name

  • Blog Post: Cross-gender namesakes: Did you, would you, can you?

    , or any of the other similarly awkward cross-gender namesake names. So how do you, did you, can you

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: Can Laura Name Her Daughter Cora?

    conflict. If Joe Sr. and Joe Jr. can live under one roof for eighteen-odd years, why not Laura and Cora

  • Blog Post: Great Inspirations for a January Babe: Crosby to Zane

    the American frontier have been translated into more than 112 movies and TV shows.  Zane is an English

  • Blog Post: How To Find An Antique Gem

    One of the most popular lists on nameberry is the Old Lady Cool Names: names that have been in retirement for several decades now but just might be ready for a comeback. Antique names for both sexes are popular too, as parents search for names that are out of the ordinary yet have the backing of tradition. Of course, not every neglected name deserves to be revived.  Gertrude, Ethel, Melvin: These may be best left in the time capsule, at least for now. Some of the quirkier old-school...

  • Blog Post: Naming Baby After an Old Boyfriend

    weren't supposed to name a baby after an old boyfriend.  But she couldn't resist. My first two

  • Blog Post: Naming the Names in an Alphabet Book

    within it can enter the mix again. And might we dare to hope that one parent or two might grab that

  • Blog Post: When Not to Use an Honor Name

    reasons but she stands firmly against having a namesake. Ouch. What can you do?  Since you clearly don't

  • Blog Post: The Upside of Having an Unusual Name

    , and arranging them into albums with my dad, helps me remember those histories. I can attest to the

  • Blog Post: Did You Have an Almost Name?

    Question of the week: Was there a different name under consideration for you before you were born? For me it was Lydia or Laurel, both of which I kinda prefer to Linda. So, have your parents ever revealed to you the other choices they had discussed?  Was there a whole list, or just one main contender? Was it a close call?  At what point was the final decision made?  Did your almost name almost make it onto your birth certificate? Do you think it would have fit you as well---or...

  • Fameberry: Zane Alexander

    Heather Tom

  • Fameberry: Ean Jacob

    Bo Bice

  • Fameberry: Cash Van

    Dave Haywood

  • Fameberry: Caiden Zane

    Ryan Lochte & Kayla Rae

  • Blog Post: A Baby Name "Quad-ary": Can This Berry Find a Name That Fits?

    , a tradition she'd like to continue with her fourth child.  Can this berry find a name that fits

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Flow: How First-Middle-Last Names Can Play Nice Together

    ” endings are too repetitious. Name beginnings can also cause too much repetition, such as in this failed

  • Blog Post: Girls' Names in Limbo: When can Kay come out to play?

    We’ve all pretty much on board with the Hundred Year Rule that says it usually takes a full century for a name to shake off its musty image and start to sound fresh again. Which is why so many turn-of-the-last-century names have returned, names we don’t associate with any older person we have actually known--those belonging to the great-great or great-great-great grand generation--all those lacy girls’ names like Amelia and Matilda and Clementine that now sound so appealing. But what about...