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  • Blog Post: New Column! Nameberry Style

    We all know Berries have great style, right? As an extension of the chic baby names on nameberry

  • Blog Post: Boys’ Names: What's your style?

    Today’s Question of the Week:  What’s your style for naming a son?  When it comes to boys' names

  • Blog Post: Isabella and Jacob Still #1

    Isabella and Jacob are still the top names in the U.S., according to the official statistics for

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Ahoy, Young Pirates!

    Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn of The Itsy Factor and You Can't Call It It turns her

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Living in Neon

    This week Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn, of The Itsy Factor and You Can't Call It It

  • Blog Post: Upper-Class Baby Names: Aussie style

    of name, or suggesting you use them. -  Classic English-style names eg Thomas and Lucy

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Perfect Baby Shower Games & Gifts

    Throwing a baby shower, for yourself or someone else?   Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth

  • Blog Post: Boys' Baby Names: Popular but still cool

    , and still maintain its edge? After looking at the top half of the Social Security list, we say the

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Robots in the Nursery

    Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn goes back in the nursery this week, gathering prime

  • Blog Post: The Next Baby Name Style Wave

    , we'd place the following baby names atop the current style wave.  What many of them lack in

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Good-Looking and Green

    Love style?  Of course you do.  That's why you're on Nameberry in the first place.  Now we're

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Chillin' to the Maxi

    Style column by Elisabeth Wilborn, creator of The Itsy Factor and You Can't Call It It, on hot

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Mermaids in the Nursery

    This week's Nameberry Style column by Elisabeth Wilborn, creator of The Itsy Factor and You Can't

  • Blog Post: Sibling Names: Naming your family, Duggar-style

    Is this a name game or a baby-naming advice blog? No matter.  The idea is that some people want to choose sibling names that all start with the same letter, and there really (really!) isn't anything wrong with that.  It can give your family a nice cohesive feel and, as long as the names aren't too matchy-matchy or you don't have 20 kids (I'm looking at you, Duggars), provide a simple theme that unifies your children's names. So what are some good sibling names for each letter of the...

  • Blog Post: Girls' Names: What's your style? Different for boys and girls?

    , now it’s the girls’ turn. With girls’ names, there are even more style preference category

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Win A Gorgeous Name Art Print!

    Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn, doyenne of The Itsy Factor and You Can't Call It It

  • Blog Post: New British Popularity List: Harry and Amelia still reign

    Our top UK correspondent, Eleanor Nickerson, has the following lead story on today's release of the new popularity data from the UK Office for National Statistics on her blog British Baby Names. Check there for a lot more fascinating statistics on top names by region and month and those most popular in England and in Wales, plus how the Top 100 have changed in rank since 2011. Here are the new Top...

  • List: English Names with International Style

    Alice, Anna, Tess, Sophie, Julia, Zoe, Sara, Eva, Nora, Noah, Lucas, Jesse, Max, Levi, Liam, Adam, Sam, Tom, Lynn, Sarah, Olivia, Lauren, Julian, Benjamin, James, Thomas, Oscar, William, Alexander, Elias, Charlie, Ella, Lilly, Ellie, Stella, Clara, Emma, Alfred, Thea, Mia, Oliver, Sebastian, Ben, Paul, Jonas, Louis, Felix, Henry, Jacob, Hannah, Charlotte, Lara, Theo, Tim, Leo, Lisa, Jonathan, Leah, Vera, Isaac, Elliot, Harry

  • Blog Post: Is There Still Such a Thing as a "Sissy" Name?

    , it still has a long way to go. HORACE: Another once noble Roman name, a form of Horatio

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Guide to the Season's Hottest Sales

    Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn scours the web for the Top 12 summer buys -- all under

  • Blog Post: 1980's Baby Names: Heavy Metal names still rock

     and finds that the glam rock stars of that era are still having an impact on naming today

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: Can We Still Use Our Favorite Name?

    . I’m quietly hoping that you can still use Henry. It seems like you were convinced it was The

  • Blog Post: Name Sage: Kim Kardashian Stole My Baby Name!

    impossibly stressful, and best avoided. The good news? You still have plenty of time to find an

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Baby Needs A New Pair of Shoes

    This week Nameberry Style columnist Elisabeth Wilborn, who also authors You Can't Call It It and

  • Blog Post: What's Your Baby Name Style? Harry or Huckleberry?

    This week, Appellation Mountain's Abby Sandel considers the subject of naming style as reflected in

  • Blog Post: 1913 Baby Names: Does the hundred-year rule still rule?

    James and Joseph still in the Top 20. Many of the girls names in the 1913 Top 25, though, are

  • Blog Post: Vintage Treasures Still Stowed in the Attic: Petra, Polly & Lelia

    Zachariah, that it sometimes feel that the attic's been stripped bare. Not so. There are still lots

  • List: Antique Baby Names Back in Style

    Olivia, Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Violet, Adeline, Adelaide, Eliza, Clementine, Emmeline, Evangeline, Beatrice, Cora, Jasper, Josiah, Atticus, Thea, Oliver, Silas, Amelia, Charlotte, Penelope, Eleanor, Rose, Hazel, Clara, Alice, Levi, Wyatt, Henry, Sebastian, Theodore, Oscar, Nathaniel, Isaiah, Tobias, Samuel, Gabriel, Esme, Sadie, Eloise, Aurelia, Aurora, Roman, Maxwell, Lydia, Jane, Margaret, Adelaide, Emilia, Maisie, Iris, Harrison, Jonah, Arthur, Josephine, Evelyn, Chloe, Grace, Lily,...

  • User List: 1500 style

    Davy, Humphrey, Ambrose, Denise, Amy, Bernard, Adeline, Diana, Agnes, Dorothy, Rowland, Andrew, Isaac, Bertram, Alan, Anna, Blanche, Anne, Douglas, Isabel, Edith, Alexander, Alice, Rudolf, Jacob, Brian, Anthony, Bridget, Edmund, Catherine, Ruth, Cecily, Jacques, Charity, Aston, Audrey, Edward, Elinor, James, Elizabeth, Avery, Christian, Ellen, Jane, Avis, Christina, Clare, Janet, Ellis, Claudio, Clemence, Emanuel, Jeffrey, Constance, Emma, Barbara, Cuthbert, Sara, Jerome, Cybil, Barnaby,...

  • Blog Post: Middle Names First, Celebrity Style: Meet Troyal Garth Brooks & Hannah Dakota Fanning

    By Linda Rosenkrantz In case you don’t think the middle name choice is an important one, just take a look at the startling number of celebrities who have opted for using theirs in lieu of the first name on their birth certificates! Some have dropped a ho-hum common in favor of a more dramatic middle, others, to avoid confusion, have shed a name shared with their parent. To begin with, there have been five US Presidents who have made the first-middle name switch: Hiram Ulysses S....