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  • Blog Post: Stephen King Names: Abra, Malachi and Gage

    By Tara Ryazansky I vividly remember sneaking peeks at my father's Stephen King books when I was

  • List: The International Variations of Stephen

    , Estéban, Estevan, Stamos, Étienne, Steaphan, Stefan, Stefans, Tipene, Estevão, Stiabhan, Stephen

  • User List: Top Boys (1st name Stephen)

    Marshall, Gabriel, Jack, Oliver, Ashley, Theo, Theodore, Dashiell, Rylan

  • Fameberry: Jett Barker

    Stephen Barker Liles

  • Fameberry: Poppy & Charlie

    Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer

  • Fameberry: Rayni Bell

    Stephen Barker Liles

  • Fameberry: Madison Brown

    Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

  • List: Royal Names for Boys

    Henry, William, Charles, Richard, Harold, Edward, Edmund, Edgar, Robert, Geoffrey, Stephen, John

  • User List: More Unusual but Classic Boys' Names

    Alistair, Frederick, Benedict, Gregory, Alexander, Stephen, Harold, Nicholas, Archibald, Rex, Finlay, Alcott

  • User List: Favourites

    Romeo, Heathcliff, Ezra, Caleb, Louie, Stephen, Matthew, Gatsby, Issac, Iker, Caroline

  • List: Werewolf Baby Names

    , Oz, Paul, Remus, Richard, Sam, Seth, Stephen, Tyler, William

  • List: Papal Names

    , Sergius, Stephen, Sylvester, Theodore, Urban, Valentine, Victor, Zachary

  • User List: Names I want to honor...

    Shelby, Chelsea, Deborah, Janice, Patricia, Kristina, Arianna, Talia, Rosie, Irene, Emily, Stephen, Todd, George, Ian, Shaun, Tillie, Jeanie

  • User List: Rebeccas fave boy names

    Caleb, Charlie, Elliot, Francis, Harrison, Henry, Jordan, Julian, Luke, Nathan, Oliver, Peter, Sebastian, Stephen, Theodore, Wesley, Zachary

  • List: Classic Baby Names for Boys

    , Peter, Philip, Raymond, Samuel, Simon, Stephen, Theodore, Thomas, Timothy, Victor, Vincent, Walter, William, Zachary, Richard, Richard, Robert

  • List: Christian Baby Names

    , Messiah, Veronica, Yeshua, Lois, Stephen, Cruz, Theresa, Zacharias, Zebedee

  • List: Traditional Baby Names

    , Laura, Lawrence, Michael, Matthew, Mark, Olivia, Nicholas, Patricia, Stephen, Richard, Theresa, Philip, Emma, Emily, Isabel

  • Blog Post: Guilty Pleasure Spellings: What's yours?

    prefer to the more classic versions. We're not talking about Steven over Stephen or Anne as

  • Blog Post: Poppy, Persia and Clark: Baby Names in the News

    the news this week: Poppy – Speaking of delayed baby name announcements, Stephen Moyer finally

  • Blog Post: The Bloomsbury Bunch: Literary names beyond Virginia and Vanessa

    Vanessa and Her Sister, the story of the Stephen sisters, Vanessa and Virginia—the latter far better

  • List: The Exoticizer

    , Nina, Paul, Peter, Philippa, Roland, Sara, Sophia, Stephen, Susanna, Sydney, Theodora, Thomas

  • User List: Family Boy Names

    , Quincy, Reed, Robert, Russell, Samuel, Stephen, Warren, Wesley, William, Brandan, Keith, Kelly

  • User List: Names for MMCs

    , Nathan, Noah, Paul, Samuel, Simon, Stephen, Thomas, William, Gage, Jett, Lennox, Trace, Brennan, Cash, Chase, Colby, Cole, Colton, Dakota, Dalton

  • Blog Post: Presidential First Names

    two names from David Dwight to Dwight David, as did Stephen Grover/Grover Stephen Cleveland and Thomas

  • User List: Top names

    , Stephen, Wren, Griffin, Knox, Rhett, Colton, Micah, Aspen, Dean, Troy, Collin, Rowan, Beau

  • Blog Post: Is your nice next-door neighbor Norman Bates?

    . Rounding out the top five are Stephen King (author; 2,068 people), Norman Bates (Psycho; 96 people

  • List: Greek Baby Names for Modern Kids

    , Stasia, Stavros, Stephanie, Stephen, Sybil, Tana, Tessa, Thalia, Thea, Theodore, Theo, Theresa, Thisbe

  • Blog Post: A Host of TV Baby Names

    of the name Wendy, it may have also been used as a nickname to Gwendolen. Stephen Colbert

  • User List: Coolest Bible Names

    , Sarai, Saul, Serah, Silas, Solomon, Stephen, Susanna, Tamar, Thomas, Tiberius, Timon, Titus, Vashti, Zacharias, Zebadiah, Rachel, Rebekah

  • Blog Post: 100 Brilliant Boy Names in Translation

    – Finnish form of Edward Etienne – Stephen in French Elihu -- Elijah in Hebrew Elio – Italian