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  • User List: Girl Names For My Books

    Arielle, Reeve, Siobhan

  • User List: Names for Girls

    Aoibheann, Saoirse, Siobhan, Yvaine, Ila

  • User List: Names I Found In Literature

    Jonas, Asher, Devon, Siobhan, Demetrius

  • User List: Girl Names

    Mhairie, Mikaela, Tasha, Zoe, Siobhan, Parker, Mikaila, Mackenzie, Eirian

  • User List: Girl's Names

    Ailbhe, Siobhan, Isobel, Altalune, Aobh, Imogen, Luna, Madrigal, Moira, Mira

  • User List: Girl Names

    Siobhan, Aoife, Luna, Olivia, Mae, Rae, Valeria, Aislinn

  • Blog Post: What's the next big Irish boy name?

    Siobhan!) Which of the most popular Irish boys' names are most likely to make it in the US?  Our analysis: [nggallery id="198" template="nameberry"]

  • Blog Post: Guilty Pleasure Spellings: What's yours?

    Irish name Siobhan, but I can't help loving the phonetically straightforward Shevonne even more

  • Blog Post: Would you use a name from another culture?

    , would you call your daughter Siobhan? Or do you feel that a child’s name should reflect his/her own ethnic ancestry?

  • User List: Unnamed List

    Annalee, Avery, Adeline, Serafina, Hayden, Aeliana, Lila, Lyla, Siobhan, Adelaide, Adele

  • User List: Girls

    Maeve, Norah, Quincy, Stella, Ruby, Adelaide, Imogen, Deirdre, Siobhan, Hermione, Agatha, Edith, Tabitha, Adelaine

  • User List: What Names Do You Like Better?

    Adrienne, Tessa, Aislinn, Lucy, Shannon, Siobhan, Maeve, Shawn, Kylie, Cecily, May, Starla, Zooey, Polly

  • User List: My Favorite Irish/Celtic/Gaelic Names for Girls

    Aoife, Saoirse, Niamh, Siobhan, Caoimhe, Catriona, Deirdre, Iona, Fionnuala, Maebh, Maire, Nessa, Roisin, Tressa, Sinead

  • User List: Irish Names that Look Best not Anglicized

    Aine, Aodh, Aoife, Bride, Callaghan, Caoimhe, Fiadh, Grainne, Odhran, Oisin, Orfhlaith, Roisin, Saoirse, Siobhan

  • User List: Girls' Names

    Felicity, Cordelia, Alicia, Cecilia, Charlotte, Ursula, Julianna, Laura, Ophelia, Nancy, Margaret, Siobhan, Anastasia, Agatha, Louisa, Miranda

  • User List: Baby names

    Louis, Raleigh, Ramsay, Ramsey, Remmy, Siobhan, Wilder, Remy, Jago, Mabyn, Elodie

  • User List: Surprisingly-Saintly Names

    Sidney, Toussaint, Santiago, Malone, Maclean, Austin, Malcolm, Marmaduke, Sinjin, Sinclair, Siobhan

  • User List: Names I Love

    Tristan, Siobhan, Elowen, Asher, Kieran, Marcellus, Wren, Atlas, Theron, Aurelia, Sage, Quinn, Matthew, Felix, Benedict, Grayson

  • User List: If you're a geek who likes Anna, you might like...

    Primrose, Siobhan, Irina, Lana, Samantha, Elena, Joss, Aria, Alice, Tabitha, Milena, Lilith, Anna

  • User List: Girl names I like

    Evangeline, Lyn, Roselyn, Audrey, Rose, Milla, Bryn, Rosalie, Shelby, Kirsten, Ivy, Bleu, Nico, Siobhan, Giada, Jade

  • Blog Post: Influential Baby Names: Show biz ladies

    birth name, Rosetta Jacobs. Siobhan Stage actress Siobhan McKenna, arguably Ireland’s first

  • List: Unique Irish Girl Names

    , Sadhbh, Sheridan, Sinead, Siobhan, Siofra, Sorcha, Tallulah, Tiernan, Tierney, Tully, Una

  • User List: Sweet Girls

    , Siobhan, Jeanette, Joie, Temperance, Aurelia, Anne, Fiona, Hope

  • User List: Sister Names for Maeve

    Norah, Alice, Niamh, Saoirse, Siobhan, Amelia, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Emilia, Bernadette, Colette

  • User List: Unusual Vowel Combinations

    , Maeve, Pearl, Siobhan, Maude, Joelle, Leanne, Leilani, Kaitlyn

  • User List: Bubba Girl

    , Katherine, Mercedes, Olympia, Persephone, Phoebe, Poppy, Remi, River, Siobhan

  • User List: My Current Favorites May Twentyseventh

    , Atalanta, Xochitl, Freya, Wednesday, Morganne, Christine, Hollis, Siobhan

  • User List: Orphan Black Names

    Sarah, Delphine, Siobhan, Paul, Felix, Donnie, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel, Elizabeth, Krystal, Arthur, Scott, Mark, Rudy, Seth, Kira, Gracie

  • User List: Girl Names

    Evelyn, Charlotte, Charlie, Cora, Eleanor, Nell, Kiersten, Avalon, Willow, River, Athena, Artemis, Elliott, Siobhan, Remi, Akiva, Dido, Katerina

  • List: Best Names That Mean God

    , Isobel, Isabelle, Jane, Johanna, January, Jasmine, Jeanne, Joan, Siobhan, Joanne, Joelle, Michaela