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  • Fameberry: Sean Fionn

    Timothy V. Murphy

  • Fameberry: Brian Sean (Triplet)

    Kevin O'Connor

  • User List: Character Names of Sean Connery

    Michael, Innes, Alexis, James, Mark, Roald, Jack, Nils, Daniel, Robin, Paul, Robert, Patrick, Douglas, Juan, Henry, Marko, August, Allan

  • Blog Post: Blue Jean Baby Names

    to real modern life, may be the blue jean baby names.  Down-to-earth and easy to wear, these blue

  • Blog Post: Names That Mean Wise

    , wisdom has to be one of the most desirable. The names here either mean wise or intelligent or are

  • Blog Post: Names That Mean Fire

    Names that mean fire are perfect for a baby born under any of the three fire signs of the Zodiac

  • Blog Post: Baby Names That Mean Light

    Names that mean light feel especially appealing at this time of year, when we're craving

  • Forums: Cant Decide.. Sean or Connor? Or something else..

  • Blog Post: These Names Mean Trouble (Literally!)

    over it. If you’re aware of the cloud – and by cloud, we mean things like an unsavory meaning or

  • Blog Post: Baby Names That Mean Red

    wonderful names that mean red for both girls and boys.  If red is a meaning that catches fire with

  • Blog Post: For Valentine's Day, names that mean love

    names related to the Hebrew David mean beloved, and this includes the feminine forms Davida and

  • Blog Post: How Much Does a Name's Meaning Really Mean??

    For some parents, a name's literal meaning is one of the most significant factors in making their choice, specifically seeking out a name that denotes a quality like strength or calm or beauty or intelligence.  But the fact of the matter is that these desirable attributes are attached to only one segment of the name bank.  A large proportion of names are based on biblical character references or the arcane workings of the medieval feudal system or geographical features of an early bearer's...

  • Blog Post: Baby Names That Mean Peace: Axel, Callum & Frida

    By John Kelly Late September is a time of peace: The United Nations observes the International Day of Peace each September 21, followed by the International Day of Radiant Peace the next day. Here on the blog, we, too, want to give peace—and some unique baby names meaning “peace”—a chance: Axel Consider Axel for your baby boy if you’re a diehard rock ’n’ roller—and pacifist? Axl Rose, leader of the hard-rocking Guns N’ Roses, was born William Bruce Rose, but changed his name to W....

  • Fameberry: Jessie James (Girl, Twin)

    Sean 'Diddy' Combs

  • Fameberry: Leo James

    Sean Maguire

  • Blog Post: Unique Names in US History: Meet Sen. Rejoice

    By Andy Osterdahl For the past fifteen years I’ve been collecting and categorizing various oddly named American political figures. In July of 2011, I began to share my findings and established the “Strangest Names in American Political History” blog that presently contains biographies of over 560 unusually named elected officials. In a previous article I wrote for Nameberry in July of 2014, I included examples of the origins of a number of particular names. Since that time I have made a...

  • Fameberry: Berkeley Seon

    Rockmond & Maya Dunbar

  • Fameberry: Ember Jean

    Audrey & Jeremy Roloff

  • List: Names That Mean King

    Delroy, Rian, Rex, Melchior, Balthazar, Regan, Rey, Ryne, Bodi, Rory, Rory, Reagan, Reagan, Fitzroy, Leroy, Ryan, Sigourney, Ryan, Regan, Royce, Roy, Donn, Amir, Balthasar, Heinrich, Royce, Malik, Riaan, Ara, Baltazar, Ara, Rey, Oluwatobiloba, Theoden, Emyr

  • Fameberry: Zephyr Emerson

    Sean Parker

  • Fameberry: Stella Jean

    Bree Turner

  • Fameberry: D'lila Star (Girl, Twin)

    Sean 'Diddy' Combs

  • List: Names That Mean Princess

    Zadie, Soraya, Sadie, Sarai, Sharai, Sarah, Sara, Shari, Sera, Zarouhi, Putri, Gormlaith, Orlaith, Suri, Salla, Zara, Saralee, Maelie, Saija, Sally, Saina, Orla, Kala, Tzeitel

  • List: Names That Mean Life

    Bibiana, Chaya, Zhivago, Vivienne, Beatha, Viva, Zenobios, Aisha, Eve, Jivanta, Eshe, Avita, Zoe, Chava, Haya, Viviana, Vivian, Viveca, Ziv, Vitus, Chaim, Vida, Selig, Zoltan, Vita, Vivian, Liv, Zoilo, Eva, Evie, Vidal, Enid, Zivanka, Zenaida, Zoie, Shivani, Chaka, Zenobia, Vivia, Vivi, Bethoc, Zooey, Ava, Beathag, Vivaan, Vivien, Asha, Zoey, Aoibhe, Transito, Karasi, Hyman, Eabha, Vito

  • Fameberry: Levi Blaze

    Sean Paul and Jinx Stewart Henriques

  • User List: NAmes for the bean

    Lila, Amelia, Adeline, Cora, Corinna, Willa

  • User List: Sibling to Penelope Jean

    Dawson, Daulton, Darius

  • Fameberry: Beatrice Jean

    Bryce Dallas Howard

  • Fameberry: Beau Dean

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

  • Fameberry: Pippa Jean

    Lindsay Sloane