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  • Blog Post: Nile: Yes, Like The River

    By Nile Cappello My name is, without a doubt, one of my most defining characteristics. Yes, I am

  • Blog Post: On the Lighter Side: Sibsets to Avoid

    By Laura Miller Brennan Have you ever met an awkwardly named pair of siblings? A brother-sister duo named Clyde and Bonnie—or worse--Harold and Maude? It’s an inevitable part of naming your first child: some names for future siblings immediately become off-limits. Most of these are perfectly good on their own but combine with certain others for an unintentionally comic (or tragic) effect. Here’s a lighthearted look at some impressively bad sibling sets. Ace and Deuce Anniston and...

  • List: Names That Mean Isle

  • List: Names That Mean Smile

  • List: Names That Mean Silk

  • List: Names That Mean Site

  • Blog Post: Boys' Names: A Walk on the Softer Side

    refusing to cede to the feminine side are: ALEXIS ARIEL AVERY BAILEY BLAKE BRETT CAMERON

  • List: Names That Mean Side

  • Blog Post: Boys' and Girls' Names--and the size of their sounds

    , males are larger than females. Further, larger size comes with all sorts of benefits in males. For

  • Blog Post: The Anglo-American Baby Name Divide: A view from this side of the pond

    this side of the pond. When I arrived in the United States as a college student from England

  • Blog Post: Unusual Names: 5 Ways to Stay on the Right Side of Weird

    .   Parents in search of unusual names often worry about how to stay on the right side of that line

  • Blog Post: The Matching Sibling Name Debate: Chloe With a Side of Zoe?

    by Angela Mastrodonato, Upswing Baby Names Did you give all of your dolls perfectly coordinating names as a child? Maybe you had dolls named Sandra and Chandra. (OK so you probably didn't name your dolls Sandra and Chandra; this is just a random example. Please go with it.) Maybe once you became a teen that same combo grated on your nerves. Opinions vary widely on how much sibling names should match. And the rules can be different for same gender vs. opposite gender siblings and...

  • User List: The MAYBE pile

    Natalie, Riley, James, Devon, Cody, Russell, Willow, Ariel, Max, Jace, Amy, Alexander, Jamie, Aaron

  • User List: West Side Story Names

    Bernardo, Maria, Natalie, Rita, Tony

  • User List: Uncommon, Not All on Site.


  • User List: Reject Pile (Or is it?)

    Narcissa, Gracinha, Lindezza, Sanne, Elaene, Ieshea, Janvière, Lurleen, Olalla, Eulalia, Ulalia, Winslet, Vasil, Kristofel, Nichollas, Junia, Garnet, Linde, Liselotte, Jolanka, Ulema, Jelsomina, Samoa, Beauregard, Diederik, Milada, Sailor, Natheal, Hesperus, Donatello, Phileine, Vasanth, Hiroto, Aodh, Natashenka, Ortensia, Friedegard, Lysistrata, Atlas, Zoraida, Anahera, Nikola, Evleen, Forsythia, Zenaida, Idalia, Elka, Cessair, Fairuza, Hyacinth, Jala, Thelonius, Lev, Yehudah, Margalo,...

  • User List: The Creative Side of Elizabeth: More Nicknames

    Thea, Zia, Bethel, Leah, Lizeth

  • User List: The Names on This Site I Like

    , Adria, Bea, Camille, David, Elettra, Filumena, Ginny, Hermes, Ivory, Jamie, Kim, Lavinia, Mai, Nile

  • User List: girl names more on the feminine side

    Aurora, Blakely, Brooklyn, Bunny, Colette, Daisy, Kitty, Lacey, Lavender, Lilac, Lydie, Lyric, Reinette, Rosalie

  • List: Irish Gaelic Names for Girls

    , Raghnailt, Ráichéal, Róisín, Ranalta, Ranalte, Ruaidri, Ruairí, Roísín, Roís, Sile, Sibéal, Síne, Sinéad

  • List: Scottish Baby Names

    , Marjorie, Morven, Muireall, Muriel, Myra, Nessa, Rhona, Rona, Rowena, Senga, Sile, Skye, Una, Adair

  • User List: Short & Sweet Names

    , Nola, Sina, Sile, Min, Bao, Zhen, Lian, Vega, Abia, Ara, Aza, Jala, Nyla, Naja, Sami, Zada, Xuxa

  • List: 4 Letter Girl Names

    , Zara, Sera, Sary, Seva, Sela, Sena, Sima, Fima, Seth, Shan, Shar, Shaw, Shay, Shea, Shae, Sile, Shel

  • User List: Unisex names

    Elliott, Nile, Elie

  • User List: Unusual Ways

    Emalee, Kamryn, Kile, Kole, Kaelyn

  • User List: Norwegian Names

    Kjersti, Thea, Kristine, Silje, Iselin

  • User List: Girl Names

    Aoife, Betta, Noa, Nola, Silje

  • List: Danish Names for Girls

    Ane, Lise, Abelone, Karen, Caryn, Silje, Kristen, Dorete, Dorte, Dorthe, Helje, Helsa, Janne

  • List: Girl Names Ending in E

    , Cailee, Caelie, Kailie, Cécile, Síle, Silje, Celeste, Selestyne, Celie, Saleste, Celestene, Cele

  • List: Girl Names Ending in K

    , Nik, Nikk, Nick, Oak, Pink, Celek, Shirk, Silk, Veronik, Yanik, Elek, Annik, Dominik, Alek, Anouck