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  • Blog Post: August Baby Names: Augustus, Austin & Gus

    august Augustus to the modern sounding Austin to nicknames Augie and Gus. AUGUSTUS, the pater

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Nicknames: Getting to Gus

    By K. M. Sheard, Nook of Names Do you like Gus as a short name, but are not so keen on Augustus

  • Blog Post: Best Veep Names in US History

    By Nick Turner It's no surprise that U.S. vice presidents don't get a lot of respect in history books. The job doesn't confer much actual power (unless the commander-in-chief comes to an untimely end), relegating most VPs to the footnotes of American statesmanship. But when it comes to baby-name inspiration, VPs may actually be No. 1. The men who served as second-in-command have had some truly extraordinary monikers -- both first and last names -- and several of them could work nicely...

  • Blog Post: Happy Second Birthday To Us!

    the major part of nameberry’s success. Our audience has doubled each year, giving us a total of

  • Blog Post: Girl Baby Names: The newsiest names, from Talulah to Lula to Rue

    work in the US, too, a sister for Lila. Talulah – Actress Sara Rue went with Talulah for her

  • Blog Post: Tell Us About Your Berry Alias!

    themselves.  So where did those names come from? That started us thinking about how the internet

  • Blog Post: Unique Names from US History: Anaximander, anyone?

    given us unusually named offspring (North West, anyone?), strangely named public figure are nothing

  • Blog Post: The Trendiest Name in US History?

    By Simon Davis What is the trendiest baby name in American history? Jayden? Madison? Khaleesi? The answer might not sound so trendy to you: it's Linda. Quantifying trendiness is tricky, since there's no universally accepted way to calculate how much of a fad a name was. But according to researcher David Taylor, Linda may very well be the trendiest name ever. Taylor devised a metric for trendiness that takes into account overall popularity as well as steepness of a name’s rise and fall....

  • Blog Post: UK vs US Popular Baby Names

    by, a common language. As both a Brit and a name lover, the release of the US statistics is

  • Fameberry: John & Gus

    Julie Bowen

  • Fameberry: Gus Monroe

    Poppy Montgomery

  • Fameberry: Adelaide Rue

    Sara Rue and Kevin Price

  • Fameberry: Beau Rush

    Virginia Williams And Bradford Bricken

  • Blog Post: Baby Names Hot in the UK, Not in the US

    , Charlotte and William both rank high in the US and the UK. And then there are those baby names that are

  • Blog Post: Unique Names in US History: Meet Sen. Rejoice

    By Andy Osterdahl For the past fifteen years I’ve been collecting and categorizing various oddly named American political figures. In July of 2011, I began to share my findings and established the “Strangest Names in American Political History” blog that presently contains biographies of over 560 unusually named elected officials. In a previous article I wrote for Nameberry in July of 2014, I included examples of the origins of a number of particular names. Since that time I have made a...

  • Blog Post: US vs UK Baby Names: Vive la difference!

    transatlantic cousins in the US. Over 50% of names in both the US and England and Wales Top 100

  • User List: Girl Names for Us

  • User List: Not your average, run-of-the-mill Names

  • User List: What's Wrong With Us Grils?

    , Ruby, Rue, Sadie, Saffira, Sahara, Sally, Sarai, Saskia, Shoshanna, Suzy, Sylvia, Thea, Thessaly

  • User List: The FOURTH is with us. Help!

  • User List: Vintage girls that don't break the US top 1000

    Adele, Adalia, Agnes, Annora, Antonia, Augusta, Aveline, Beatrix, Calista, Calla, Cecile, Cecily, Clelia, Eloise, Esme, Felicia, Flora, Georgina, Harriet, Hermione, Idony, Idonia, Imogen, Leonie, Marcella, Marguerite, Martina, Maud, Nova, Petra, Rhea, Rosalind, Saskia, Susannah, Veda, Vivia, Viola, Zilpha, Zella

  • User List: Vintage boys that don't break the US top 1000

    Alban, Aldous, Amaury, Amos, Anders, Ansel, Arvid, Balthazar, Basil, Bram, Caius, Chester, Cyril, Emil, Jules, Linus, Niels, Otto, Phineas, Rafe, Stuart, Sylvester, Imelda

  • User List: Vintage boys that are out of the US top 200

    Silas, Felix, Reid, Abel, Arthur, Quentin, Desmond, Roger, Noel, Cedric, Clark, Duncan, Gilbert, Lamar, Ellis, Nigel, Marcel, Martin, Calvin, Simon, Jonas, Theodore

  • User List: Vintage girls that don't make the US top 200

    Bianca, Clara, Ivy, Camille, Joanna, Cynthia, Cora, Alice, Eliza, Iris, Rose, Claudia, Daphne, Adelaide, Eve, Ellen, Greta, Catalina, Felicity, Edith, Beatrice

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