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  • Blog Post: Influential Baby Names: Show biz ladies

    By Nancy Man, Nancy's Baby Names You can tell how much Americans are inspired by famous actresses by looking at the baby name charts! When a new leading lady hits the scene, it’s almost expected that her name will become an influential baby names choice for newborns – at least for a little while. This effect is especially easy to see with actresses that have uncommon, never-charted names. When they first become celebrities, their names get a boost – often enough for those names to...

  • Blog Post: Influential Baby Names: Show Biz Boys

    By Nancy Man, Nancy's Baby Names Idris, Benedict, Shia…several of today’s uniquely-named leading men are now influencing the U.S. baby name charts. But what about the male movie stars of bygone eras – did they have the same kind of impact? Yes! Here are a dozen famous performers who influenced the charts in their day (from the ‘30s all the way to the ‘90s). In fact, each one caused at least one baby name to appear in the U.S. baby name data for the very first time. How many of these...

  • Fameberry: Rio

    Oliver Hudson

  • Blog Post: Rio, Rhythm, Winnie and Liv: Bold Names for Girls

    mom explains her unusual choice. Rio – The Spanish word for river has been used as a baby name for

  • Blog Post: RIP, Ben: A Mom Mourns Her Once-Favorite Name

    BENJAMIN – Laura Dunphy and her husband, Mike, are mourning the loss of the name Benjamin, which was terminated from their Baby Name List on Friday May 21, 2010, after a long and debilitating ailment. Almost 11 years ago, Benjamin – as they called him, Ben – was the very first boy’s name borne onto their List.  Laura and Mike came to a nearly immediate agreement that Ben held so many attractive qualities: it was classic without being blah, it flowed nicely with Mike’s challenging last...

  • Fameberry: Rocco Rio

    Jillian Barberie Reynolds

  • Fameberry: Rio Atticus

    Tom (No Doubt) Dumont

  • Blog Post: Golden Globe Noms: Our awards for the coolest names

    a smooth transition to other cultures. Riz Ahmed—actor in a limited series or movie made for

  • Forums: Full names for Raz?????

  • User List: Nicknames for Brianna Jane

    , Nan, Nana, Nann, Nanou, Nera, Nia, Nin, Ninon, Nita, Ria, Rin, Rina

  • User List: 2nd Boy

    Wyatt, Milan, Marino, Matias, Rocco, River, Javier, Asher, Milo, Jacoby, Rio, Levi

  • List: Nicknames for Elizabeth

    Bettina, Liz, Beth, Betty, Libby, Liza, Bessie, Tibby, Lizzie, Eliza, Bess, Betsy, Lizbeth, Lisa

  • User List: Drifter

    Clara, Calla, Sacha, Carlin, Evian, Rin, Ella, Merrin, Nanon, Meara, Cassiane, Lileas, Chan

  • List: Classic Rock Baby Names

    , Prudence, Quinn, Quinn, Rhiannon, Rio, Rio, Rosalie, Rosanna, Rosemary, Sadie, Spring, Valerie, Virginia

  • List: Pixar Baby Names

    Celia, Colette, Coral, Dolly, Dory, Dot, Edna, Ellie, Eve, Flo, Gypsy, Lizzie, Pearl, Rosie, Roz

  • List: Water Baby Names

    River, Rio, Loire, Cascade, Neptune, Hudson, Aquarius, Aqua, Jordan, Rain, Harbor, Nile, Misty

  • List: Japanese Baby Names

    , Kane, Aiko, Aki, Rio, Amaya, Gen, Keiko, Kimi, Maro, Mika, Nori, Haruki, Ishi, Kai, Issey, Midori, Miki


    9 months old--but you can certainly guess that Betty is a Grandma and that Liz and Beth are

  • List: Rock Star Baby Names

    , Nona, Ophelia, Prudence, Quinn, Rhiannon, Rio, Rosalie, Rosanna, Roxanne, Rosemary, Sadie, Jude, Spring

  • List: Vintage Nicknames for Girls

    , Coco, Fritzi, Ibby, Immy, Lex, Lolo, Mabs, Mago, Melia, Ouisa, Patia, Ria, Tansy, Tibbie, Hattie

  • List: Unique Baby Names

    , Juba, Leta, Pallas, Neruda, Parnell, Sequoia, Talitha, Tindra, Haldan, Nicasio, Ruskin, Riza, Silvana, Fenella, Anatole, Asaiah, Atarah

  • User List: powerful southern boys names.

    , River, Weston, Gabriel, August, Phineas, Callum, Rio, Milo

  • List: Spanish Baby Girl Names

    , Silvia, Soledad, Teodora, Tavia, Sanchia, Rosalina, Reyna, Ria, Marisol, Mariposa, Iola, Flor, Floriana, Dominica, Brisa, Araceli, Alejandra

  • List: Short Baby Names

    , Bo, Ben, Fay, Pax, Moe, Bix, Dax, Ray, Roy, Joy, Bay, Una, Van, Uma, Eva, Eli, Lia, Leo, Rio, Ash, Zeb, Zan, Fox

  • User List: Eww . . . boys. ALL GIRLS!!!

    , Katie, Kat, Lexi, Gabrielle, Liz, Destiny, Tammy, Scarlett, Elizabeth, Jenny, Kylie, Iris, Sophia

  • Blog Post: Middle Names: 100 fresh choices

    Kate Lil Liz Lou Minnie Ned Ray Rosie Tom Vic Animal and Nature Names

  • List: Baby Names Inspired by Athletes

    , Rigby, Rio, Ryne, Sabo, Sebastian, Serena, Shaquille, Tai, Takeo, Thierry, Thorpe, Thurman, Tiger, Troy, Tyson, Ventura, Venus, Vida, Vijay, West, Zelmo

  • List: Unisex Baby Names

    , Gray, Sawyer, Timber, Charlie, Rio, River, True, Jazz, Jules, Corin, Ellington, Storm, Samar, Harley, Brett, Ellery, Valentine

  • User List: American horror story

    , James, Jamie, Jessica, Jimmy, John, Jude, Kathy, Kit, Kyle, Lana, Lily, Liz, Maddison, Maggie, Marie

  • User List: Favorites (Girls)

    Eliza, Kate, Ria, Ava, Eve, Eva, Elizabeth, Arden, Niamh, Iris, Rose, Chloe, Arya, Eliana, Elin