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  • Blog Post: Happily Ever Ava

    Ava is one of the biggest recent baby name success stories, jumping from almost the bottom of the Top 1000 twenty years ago to #4 last year--and it could be heading for #1. I'm certainly hearing it everywhere I go, in the street and in the supermarket, and seeing it on popularity lists worldwide. This brings to mind two questions: A) What can you substitute if you like Ava but don't want such a trendy name? and B) Is Ava the name that will knock Emily out of top place or will it be one of the...

  • Blog Post: Cutest. Nickname. Ever.

    daughter Imogen was called the unexpected Idgie. Wasn't that, she asked, the cutest nickname ever

  • Blog Post: Nile: Yes, Like The River

    sure) thought would never, ever work. And I like to think I've lived up to it -- after all, it'd

  • Blog Post: 12 Ever-Cool Boy Names

    By Abby Sandel and Linda Rosenkrantz What makes a name everlastingly cool? Mix an element of edge and swagger, a seductive sound, a charismatic cultural association, plus a certain timeless quality and you get what the following 12 names have—the ability to stay cool over time. Ray – Ray, with its many shades of meaning, is forever jazzy and cool via its association with several iconic musicians—most particularly the legendary Ray Charles. Other names that share this jazzy vibe include...

  • Blog Post: Classic Names: Ten You Never Thought Of

    We’re always coming across names on nameberry that we never thought of before, undiscovered gems

  • Blog Post: Popular Names Your Mom Never Heard Of

    Great news! Your private lists are back! Access them through your member panel. It will be a few more days till you can modify lists or create new ones. by Pamela Redmond Satran Any newcomer to the contemporary world of baby names may be amazed at how diverse and – to use a Mom word – different names have become. In the generation since Mom was naming you, the list of US Most Popular Name has expanded to include more ethnically distinct names, words freshly morphed into names, and...

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Fever: Is There A Cure?

    Fever before, but never quite this hard. Because this will be our last baby, I feel an urgency, a great

  • Blog Post: The Most Unusual Name You've Ever Heard

    the name's origins and meaning would be appreciated because, you know, we can never get enough

  • Blog Post: Sibsets: What's the best you've ever heard?

    question of the week is: What is the best sibset you’ve ever heard—and/or- -if you’re so inclined-- what’s the worst? (Twins and other multiples included.)

  • Blog Post: The New Everyboy Names: Emmett, River, and Axel

    name is broader than ever before. River Isaac – NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah and fiancé

  • Blog Post: Great Expectations Baby Names: Constantine, River & Royal Reign

    remains a powerful work, and Lee a worthy role model. River - Congratulations to Kelly Clarkson on the

  • Blog Post: Best Baby Name Advice Ever?

    The Nameberry Question of the Week: What is the best baby name advice you've been given--and where did it come from? What was the advice and did/will you act on it? Was it given by a friend or family member? Did you read it in a book or magazine article? Was it advice on a website--from a blog or from friends on a message board (nameberry's, we hope!)?

  • Blog Post: Water Names: April showers bring thoughts of Rain and River

    April showers bring not only May flowers, but thoughts of water names, a category which more and more parents are finding refreshingly appealing. These include generic bodies of water appellations like Lake and Bay and Brook(e), the names of individual lakes and rivers and, finally, names whose meaning relate to water. Here are the Nameberry Picks for the 12 best water names. [imagebrowser id=44]

  • Blog Post: TV Names That Never Took Off: Felicity & Frasier

    original run, but its newfound notoriety was short-lived. Before the show aired in 1998 Felicity had never

  • Blog Post: Funny Names: What’s the Wackiest You’ve Ever Heard?

    Today's guest blogger, novelist Joanne Lessner, author of Pandora's Bottle, collects names -- the more ridiculous and hilarious, the better. Nothing makes my family giggle more than a funny name. We collect and pass them around like prized truffles. My sister and I have practically memorized John Train’s Most Remarkable Names, and right up until my uncle died two years ago, he and my mom would mail each other the choicest newspaper clippings. My dad is content to just make them up, baiting...

  • Blog Post: English River Names: Flow gently sweet Afton and Avon

    the British Isles and Ireland are traversed by rivers, some as long as the Thames and the river

  • Blog Post: FROM ARNO TO ZEZERE: River Names That Really Flow

    trees.  Well there's one category that merges the two together, and that's river names. I was

  • Blog Post: Camryn Manheim never felt like a Debi

    a stage name is a way to distinguish themselves.  I never took a stage name: I just changed my name

  • Blog Post: New! First-Ever Berry Question of the Week

    -ever Berry Question of the Week comes from Lindy Diamond, a South African mother of two adorable

  • Blog Post: Will This Baby Ever Get A Name?

    conversation and sure enough, years later, they welcomed baby William Archer.  It was never that

  • Blog Post: Meanings of Names: Ever hear of Homophony?

     By K. M. Sheard, of NookofNames There’s an old method of naming first recorded in use in the Old Testament. It’s called homophony, and basically is the principal of choosing a name because it sounds like something which the bestower wants to commemorate. Or, putting it another way, the choice of name was inspired by something, which, in most cases is entirely unrelated to the name. It works in all languages; amongst the biblical Hebrews, for instance, there was a period when names...

  • Blog Post: Can These Baby Namers Ever Agree?

    His list is as classic and traditional as they come. She likes her names on the wild side. Is there any middle ground, and how can they possibly find it when every conversation ends with an eye roll? Jenna writes: Hoping you can break the stalemate between my partner and I.  We’re expecting and we’re on such different pages, we can’t even speak about names. He is all about tradition and timelessness whereas I enjoy adventurous and less common names that are easy to say, spell, and...

  • Blog Post: Baby Name News: Raden, Ransom, Revere and the rest of the Nameberry 9

    popular names are tremendously appealing, otherwise they’d never reach such great heights.  Still

  • Blog Post: Which names are you never sure how to pronounce?

    Basil. Elisabeth. Giles. Those are a few that perennially befuddle us. Even when we know how to pronounce them, we forget, or we encounter someone who pronounces them the other way. Which name pronunciations are you unsure of? Either because the spellings are confusing, or because they're pronounced different ways by different people, or because the pronunciations are counterintuitive, or you're not familiar with their native cultures.....or, whyever. We'll try to help identify...

  • Blog Post: Lost-Love Names: One that you love but wouldn't ever use

    Is there one particular name that you really like but for some reason would never use? Today’s

  • Blog Post: Owen? Max? Lucy? Will They Ever Make the Top 10?

    consideration--rankings are only relative. Many of the names on this list never reached the top 10, but did

  • Blog Post: Unusual Nature Names: Ever hear of Addax? Ambretta? Fen?

    the nature names are pretty straightforward, normal names. So, in my never-ending search for unheard

  • Blog Post: What's the most unusual thing you've ever named?

    : What's the most unusual thing you've ever named? A car or a cabin? A dog or a cat....or maybe a

  • Blog Post: Have you ever been teased about your name?

    Michael), they call me Pammy. Were you ever teased about your name?  In what way?  How hurtful was it

  • Fameberry: Ever Belle

    Owain Yeoman