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  • User List: Love the Quirk

    Aloisia, Amaryllis, Anselm, Aurelia, Basil, Bellamy, Briony, Calloway, Ceylon, Coralie, Corisande, Ellis, Elodie, Eloise, Emmett, Emmette, Evangeline, Felice, Finch, Finlay, Golden, Harry, Hyacinth, Imogen, Isolde, Mahala, Marguerite, Marius, Martin, Marvel, Mathis, Mattheus, Merrigan, Mireille, Otto, Philippa, Ruby, Solene, Ventura, Zebulon, Zephyrine, Isora

  • Blog Post: Quirky British Baby Names

    -turned-designer wife are known for choosing quirky, bold, and delightfully British baby names. The

  • Blog Post: Quick! Pick a new name

    been. Later, in a Jane Austen-reading period, I might have renamed myself the patrician-yet-quirky

  • Blog Post: Quirky UK TV Actress Names

    By Linda Rosenkrantz Ever since I spotted the name Honeysuckle on the credits of the ITV series Foyle’s War, I have been riveted by the cast rolls at the end of other British shows. For if the characters on these comedies and dramas have good names, some of the actors—particularly the women—have fantastic ones, and to me at least, they seem quintessentially British. Here are some of the best I’ve spotted. Cascade Brown is most known for her leading role in the TV show The Bill, followed...

  • Blog Post: Quirky, Cool Celebrity Baby Names: Balthazar, Rocket, and Dashiel

    quirky, cool middle name for a daughter. Except that I wouldn’t be surprised to meet a girl named Leda

  • Blog Post: Whimsical Nature Names: Some quirky animal and flower choices

    quirky charm – all with the benefit of a cute, inbuilt animal nickname, but carrying less of an

  • Blog Post: Quirky Vintage Nicknames for Boys: Huey, Louie and Howie

    By Angela Mastrodonato of Upswing Baby Names The Victorian nickname trend that’s hot in the U.K. is getting attention in the U.S.—for girls. The Brits have embraced this genre on both sexes. Alfie and Charlie are in the U.K. top 10. Archie, Freddie, and Harvey round out their top 50. Believe it or not, these names have potential on modern American boys. Charlie is an example of a nickname-style name that is steadily becoming more popular in the U.S, although it has yet to capture...

  • Blog Post: Cool Names: What's quirky got to do with it?

    .  Undeniably quirky, but cool. I suppose to people who think that a name like Jaycyn is cool -- and

  • Blog Post: Dreama, Rumi, and James: From quirky to classic

    ’ names aren’t just stylish - they’re downright quirky. Quirky names were once reserved for fictional

  • Blog Post: Historic Baby Names: Quirky picks From Amaziah to Zebina

    Dellaphine, the happy, hippy choice Starling, the distinguished Augustus, and the quirky Zebulon

  • Blog Post: Doctor Who Baby Names: Classic Christopher to quirky Capaldi

    By Brooke Cussans, Baby Name Pondering Last week marked the 50th anniversary of 'Doctor Who', the highly anticipated special anniversary episode watched by avid fans (or Whovians) worldwide. The show captivated audiences from the start with its' creativity and imaginative story lines that attracted viewers. The last of his race, the Doctor travels through time and space in his blue police box spaceship the TARDIS , regenerating each time he dies. He travels with many different...

  • Blog Post: Literary Baby Names: 77 Quirky Characters from 20th Century Lit

    further than your nearest library. What follows is a melange of quirky character names—a mix of

  • Blog Post: Hooray for Henry: The quirky classic that manages to stay cool

    When Henry was chosen as the #1 favorite boy’s name on the collective 5-star lists of the nameberry community, I was somewhat surprised and yet somewhat not.  Because in many ways Henry is the perfect boy’s name—as classic and historic as James and John and William –yet with a quirkier edge that makes it seem modern, and even hip. Henry has a lot going for it.  Let us count the ways: HENRY IS POPULAR, WELL-LIKED, BUT NOT EPIDEMICALLY TRENDY. At #78 on the Social Security list last...

  • User List: Quirky Names

    Saoirse, Seren, Lilou, Beck, Greer, Isabeau, Saskia, Ianthe, Imogen, Hale

  • User List: My male quirks

    Alphonse, Amias, Armand

  • User List: My female quirks

    Adrienne, Anais, Aurelia, Cheryl, Clover, Cordelia, Irma, Jonah, Juniper, Karma, Keturah, Lavinia, Lois, Lydia, Marlowe, Maxine, Mitzi, Nara, Nasrin, Pema, Ramona, Reina, Reverie, Sage, Sloane, Vanessa, Vida, Vittoria, Meredith

  • User List: Cute, quirky baby names

    Lucas, Calvin, Aria, Valerie, Tessa, Aubrey, Audrey, Lucy, Chloe, Roxanne, Jacey

  • User List: Unsual quirky names here enjoy ...

    Nephele, Evora, Aurelian, Auralia, Celestia, Astra, Venus, Luna, Llewelyn, Florence, Iris, Liliana, Anastasia, Rowan, Ronan, Quinn, Quinn, Olive, Sage, Cecilia, Penelope, River, Bertie, Bertie, Alianna, Dylan, Ash, Elijah, Benji, Theodore, Adelaide, Vincent, Theodora, Ivy, Bailey, Ezra, Finn, Bay, Quintin, Charlie, Bear, Wolfgang, Wolf, Killian, Roland, Quill, Otto, Kalan, Grey, Grey, Oliver, Julian, Finley, Darius, Zuzu, Nettie, Amaranth, Norah

  • User List: Normal but quirky boys names

    Alistair, Maxwell

  • User List: Quirky & Cool Biblical Names for Boys

  • Blog Post: Poetic Baby Names

    back to poet Thomas). By some quirk of fate -- or maybe it's prophecy fulfillment -- poets in general

  • Blog Post: Poetic Baby Names: Lyrical choices for National Poetry Month

    back to poet Thomas), not to mention a growing profusion of Emersons. By some quirk of fate — or

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  • Blog Post: British Baby Names: The Edwardian Era

    that British Edwardians liked to be different. A particularly interesting quirk of Edwardian parents

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