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  • List: Variations of Michael

    , Miska, Mikael, Misha, Mikel, Micha, Miquel, Mikhail, Mikkel, Mischa, Mica, Michon, Meical, Miguel, Mikael, Mikko, Micho, Mihangel, Misi, Michel, Michael

  • List: Nicknames for Boys

    , Misha, Moe, Nat, Nate, Ned, Nico, Ozzie, Paddy, Rafe, Ray, Sully, Theo, Tru, Ty, Van, Will, Xan, Sam

  • Blog Post: Model Names

    ) Constance (Jablonski) Dree (Hemingway) Eniko (Mihalik) Freja (Beha Erichsen) Heidi (Mount

  • Blog Post: Modern Takes on Ancient Greek Names

    leave your child as one of many in the classroom and on the playground. Mihalis —> Michael and its

  • User List: Girl's Names

    Eshe, Subira, Nyala, Kamali, Amica, Columba, Dominica, Jonet, Ligeia, Lucretia, Mila, Nina, Soutine

  • Blog Post: The Basics of Choosing a Japanese Name

    "beautiful", chi "wisdom, intellect" and ko "child". MIKA (mee-kah) mi "beautiful" combined with ka