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  • Fameberry: Gideon Robert Nesta

    Ziggy (born David) Marley

  • Fameberry: Isaiah Sion Robert Nesta

    Ziggy and Orly Marley

  • Fameberry: Abraham Selassie Robert Nesta

    Ziggy Marley

  • Fameberry: Ruby Jeanne

    Marley Shelton

  • Fameberry: West Flynn

    Marley Shelton

  • User List: Lifeoflynchs

    Arlo, Frankie, Isla, Marley, Nate, Parker, Porter, Quade

  • List: If You Like Hailey, You Might Love...

    Leigh, Haven, Bailey, Ali, Wylie, Sadie, Harper, Haidee, Holly, Marley, Sailor, Tally, Hazel, Halsey, Layla, Harley, Hailey, Daisy, Helena

  • User List: Spunky and Sweet

    Izzy, Piper, Addison, Marley, Charlie, Lucy, Meadow, Harper, Sloane

  • User List: Favorite M Names

    Marcy, Mitzi, Maisie, Mary, Marley, Margo, Molly, Minnie

  • User List: Baby Girl Nissen

    , Violet, Cricket, Cadence, Madeline, Matilda, Juliet, Julia, Harper, Sloane, Elodie, Marley

  • User List: Baby Robinson - Girl

    Alixe, Arizona, Bay, Blair, Camilla, Earley, Elin, Ellery, Ellis, Ellison, Emerson, Evelyn, Everly

  • User List: 3 star

    Alice, Valentina, Iris, Millie, Nathaniel, Ivy, Roxanne, Leona, Marley, Dexter, Orla, Fiona, Veronica, Charlotte, Edward

  • List: Top Unisex Names On Nameberry

    , Emerson, Arden, Aubrey, Ainsley, Marley, Teagan, Emery, Dylan, Carter, Ryan, Darcy, Blair, Reagan, Morgan, Lincoln, Nova, Hayden, Ellis, Sage, Sasha, Skye, Briar

  • User List: Top Baby Girl Names

    Jameson, Adalyn, Aliana, Gracey, Lilah, Harper, Stella, Emalyn, Marley, Baya, Ariah, Ellsa, Ella, Evelyn

  • User List: Nameberry Names

    Ainsley, Amory, Cerulean, Charlie, Emmaline, Jilly, Leighton, Marley, Natalia, Ulysses, Karlee

  • Blog Post: Unisex Names: What's Hot, What's Not


  • Blog Post: Unisex Names: Yes? No? Boy? Girl?

    Aubrey Avery Bailey Finley Harley Harper Hayden Jayden Jordan Logan London Marley

  • User List: "Rough & Tumble" Boys

    Hudson, Oliver, Riley, Mason, Bodhi, Enzo, Milo, Rocco, Cole, Chase, Lincoln, Kingston, Reed, Marley, Levi, Ryder, Brodie

  • Blog Post: Rock 'n' Roll Baby Names

    name evokes the singer’s commitment to peace and justice. MarleyMarley brings to mind reggae

  • List: Baby Names That End In -Ley

    , Macauley, Marley, Miley, Mckinley, Oakley, Paisley, Ridley, Riley, Ripley, Tinsley, Waverly, Wesley

  • User List: Female Water Names

    Isla, Cordelia, Avalon, Ondine, Amaya, Brooke, Kendall, Marissa, Marley, Talia, Marina, Anahita

  • User List: Names

    , Milla, Adelaide, Adeline, Cora, Emmeline, Rue, Emmy, Marley, Dora

  • Blog Post: How (Not) to Choose a Baby Name

    named our middle child Marley, again much to the disdain of my mother and the amusement of my

  • User List: Favorite girl names

    Louisa, Stella, Schuyler, Loren, Poppy, Corie, Mallory, Annette, Mckenna, Avery, Marley, Thea, Shae

  • User List: Boys

    , Barley, Dexter, Marley, Roman, Elijah, Caspian, Silas, Raanan, Dimitri

  • User List: Unisex

    , Marley, Marley, Nicky, Nicky, Raven, Raven, Ray, Ray, Sam, Sam, Skye, Skye, Tay, Tay, Taye, Taye, Taylor, Taylor, Robin

  • User List: Girl names

    , Lila, Lilah, Maia, Mali, Marley, Melissa, Natalia, Paige, Ava

  • Blog Post: Reality Baby Names from Mild to Wild: Alena, Camila and Jaxie

    .  Today it is fading, but still fits in with names like Chase and Blake. Marley – Eva Marcille

  • Blog Post: Notable Names of February: Abraham and Amethyst

    . Marley-Bob Marley (born Robert Nesta) was an iconic musician who is still admired by many as

  • Blog Post: On the Lighter Side: Sibsets to Avoid

    , and Walker Marley, Clifford, and Benji Martha and Stewart Olive, Pepper, and Plum Olivia