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  • Blog Post: Celebrity Names: The Mcs and the Macs

    , the Danish sen , Armenian ian, and the Scottish and Irish, Mac and Mc. The latter two have made

  • Blog Post: Best Starbaby Names of 2013: Scout, Sage and McCartney

    —his daughter has the middle name of Lennon.  It’s always good to see a new Mc-name on board, and this

  • Blog Post: Numerical Names: One to Ten, from Primo to Decima

    Apostle who wrote down Paul’s letter to the Romans. Tertius Lydgate was an idealistic doctor in George

  • User List: Pixar Names

    , Rosie, Flora, Cornelius, James, Sullivan, Mike, Mary, Randall, Henry, Celia, Roz, Smitty, Flint, George

  • User List: One Syllable

    , Clyde, Cole, Dale, Dawn, Dean, Dove, Drew, Elle, Eve, Faith, Fay, Fern, Finn, Flynn, George, Grace

  • User List: Monosyllabic Names

    , Mal, Mark, Mars, Marv, Mauve, Max, May, Meg, Mel, Merle, Merv, Mick, Mike, Mitch, Mo, My, Nat

  • User List: Names of Nobel Prize Winners

    , Giorgos, Andrew, Huxley, Alan, Lloyd, Giulio, Maria, Watson, Lev, Dag, Ivo, Georg, Melvin, Burnet, Willard

  • User List: U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents

    , Fillip, Fillmore, Ford, Frank, Frankie, Franklin, Freya, Garfield, Garner, Garret, Gary, George, Georgia

  • List: Middle Names for Boys

    , Gambit, Garland, Gage, Genesis, George, Golden, Grant, Gray, Grey, Grove, Gruff, Guitar, Halcyon

  • List: Boy Names Ending in E

    , Geordie, Jorje, Xorge, Canarsie, Giacobbe, Yakobe, Akoobjee, Mccabe, Mcgeorge, Mckee, Mcphee, Michele

  • List: Middle Names

    , Nairobi, Everest, Joseph, John, Lawrence, William, Wren, Charles, Anthony, Alexander, David, George

  • List: 8 Letter Boy Names

    , Yohannan, Jooseppi, Márquez, Mcarthur, Mccallum, Mcconnal, Mcdermot, Mcdougal, Mcgeorge, Mcgregor, Mctavish