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    Peter, Dashiell, Thaddeus, Edward

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  • User List: Male Names

    Alastair, Theodore, Henry, Arthur, Oscar, Peter

  • User List: Male Characters

  • User List: Male faves

    Alister, Apollo, August, Cato, Cyrus, Dallas, Daryl, Dawson, Dexter, Donovan, Dresden, Dustin, Elliot, Everett, Felix, Glenn, Indigo, Jasper, Joel, Lincoln, Meyer, Miles, Monroe, Oliver, Ramsey, Sullivan, Toby, Walden, Wiley, Zane, Wesley

  • User List: Male A to Z

    Apollo, Aragon, Argo, Argyle, Atlas, Atticus, August, Augusto, Augustus, Bardo, Benjamin, Bennett, Bryn, Caspian, Cedro, Christian, Christopher, Dean, Demetrius, Denver, Diego, Dylan, Eddard, Edmund, Eric, Erikson, Fitzgerald, Gaius, George, Gwilym, Hans, Harbor, Hart, Helios, Henry, Hugo, Ian, Iestyn, Indigo, Isaac, Jackson, Jasper, Jordan, Lando, Lennox, Leonardo, Leonidas, Llewellyn, Llewelyn, Louis, Macsen, Marco, Marcus, Mars, Mathis, Matteo, Maxwell, Ned, Ocean, Oliver, Osian, Rhys,...

  • User List: My Favorite Male Names

    Dorian, Roland, Conrad, Gareth, Dimitri, Kai, Leif, Trevor, Nolan, Alaric, Julian, Byron, Kelvin, Corwin, Arthur, Malcolm, Henry, Grant, Samuel, Frederick, Leon, Sebastian, Ruben, Dominic, Felix, Elliot, Laszlo, Desmond, Leopold, Evander, Sumner, Harlan

  • User List: Favorite Male Names

    Adrian, Adriel, Alain, Amon, Andreas, Cameron, Corbin, Crispin, Damian, Ethan, Finn, Flynn, Gabriel, Holden, Jasper, Jonas, Josiah, Jude, Julian, Kai, Lucas, Nikolai, Oliver, Rory, Sebastian, Stellan, Theo, Tobias, Tor, Tristan, Joseph, Arthur, Felix, Oscar, Anton, Isaiah, Luke, Orson

  • User List: My male quirks

    Theron, Alphonse, Ulric, Amias, Virgil, Armand, Beckham, Carmen, Chan, Dougray, Ellis, Eon, Ezra, Griffin, Hector, Holden, Jacob, Jasper, Joaquin, Kai, Law, Oliver, Simeon, Sylvester, Theodore, Endymion, Bram, Edgar, Patrick, Artemis

  • User List: Unique & Futuristic Male Names

    Adlai, Alaric, Art, Aurik, Auryn, Azriel, Blaze, Caddell, Cael, Calihan, Callen, Carrew, Cashel, Caspian, Cassian, Cathal, Cato, Cedro, Cian, Cohen, Corrado, Craven, Crispin, Cyrano, Derry, Devin, Dyce, Eaen, Edvin, Ellery, Elson, Elwyn, Emory, Esai, Espen, Evander, Everard, Evyn, Ezra, Farren, Finian, Fio, Forrest, Frost, Fynn, Harlin, Idris, Isaiah, Jace, Jethro, Kaiser, Kalel, Kasper, Kavan, Kian, Klay, Knox, Loki, Lorcan, Lucius, Luka, Lynx, Mathis, Naren, Nikolai, Noe, Nye, Okey, Oren,...

  • User List: Some Male Names

    Charley, Percival, Harvey, Cassius, Corvin, Aaron, Cody, Jesse, Caleb, Riley, Cooper, James, Aurelius, Jake, Nadir, Charlie

  • User List: Male to the forefront

    Archer, Arlo, Asher, Ashton, Aston, Baxter, Bentley, Blake, Blane, Blaze, Braylon, Brock, Carter, Chase, Dakota, Dante, Dash, Dashiell, Dax, Declan, Dex, Drummer, Duke, Emerson, Ezra, Fallon, Finn, Flint, Griffin, Gunner, Hadley, Hawthorne, Hayden, Heath, Hendrix, Hunter, Huntley, Huxley, Jagger, Jakob, Jasper, Jax, Jedediah, Jedidiah, Jett, Josiah, Kai, Kingsley, Kingston, Knox, Levi, Lyndon, Malachi, Mason, Maverick, Midnight, Moss, Raiden, Ridge, Riley, Ryder, Sage, Sasha, Sherlock,...

  • User List: Chompeii's Male First Name List

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  • Blog Post: 5 Mistakes Even Smart Baby Namers Make

    don’t want to make is the one I made with my third child and give him a two-two-two name.  Not terrible

  • Blog Post: Unique Fairy Tale Names New to You

    perfectly usable. Florine – From the French tale The Blue Bird. Florine was actually a US Top 500

  • Blog Post: How Ramona Made Me A Name Nerd

    probably having an unusual name was going to be hard and make you an unusual person but, hey, at

  • Blog Post: A Tale of 2 Popularity Lists

    crossing the border next year Aurora (14) made a sizable jump from Number 146 to 116 Adelaide

  • Blog Post: Perfume Baby Names: Names that make scents

    signature scents, but their names don’t make you think of perfume. Most of these are better

  • Blog Post: Does This Name Make Me Look Old?

    by Joan Lebow There's always something that rudely awakens us to the reality of age. The blank stare of the 30-something at the office when I mentioned "fiddling while Rome burns." The moment I hesitated to use the words "pay phone" to describe a telecom job on my resume. Or simply that slightly panicky feeling I've felt when I've left home without even a tiny tube of concealer in my makeup bag. But now the veracity of my age is starkly clear to me each day in black and white. With...

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    Walk, ponders names made for strolling the open road. What do Walker Evans, Sojourner Truth, and

  • Blog Post: Do Kre8iv Spellings Make Names More Special?

    reading her name made my eyes hurt. Now, back to the present and sitting between Mykailah and Tyffani

  • Blog Post: Father's Day Names: Mabel, Maple and Maxine

    Last month we gave a Nameberry shout-out to the moms of best-named babies in the past year, so how could we not do the same thing for the dads on Father’s Day? Again, we were looking for names with a real sense of style, a spark of originality, an eye for vintage treasure—and in one case even some playful gender-bending. [imagebrowser id=55 ]

  • Blog Post: Classic Baby Names Make a Comeback

    popular, Thea might be the choice for you. Cordelia – Speaking of Cora, this Cor- name has finally made