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  • Forums: Double middle names for Mairead

  • User List: Fantasy Girl Names-K,L,M,N

    Kyra, Leida, Leigha, Mairead

  • User List: Traditional Scottish Girls' Names

    Ailsa, Eilidh, Eilis, Heather, Iona, Isla, Mairead, Mairi, Niamh, Rowan

  • User List: Celtic Origins

    Ainsley, Seamus, Euan, Mairead, Isla, Islay, Aideen, Aimil, Argyle, Ailbhe, Quilliam, Quinney, Mairi, Iona, Finn

  • User List: Girl names toned down

    Bryn, Dagmar, Gertrude, Ida, Jane, Jolene, Josette, Morisot, Morrigan, Quinn, Rivka, Saoirse, Sorcha, Mairead, Greer

  • User List: Names

    Alice, Duncan, Hamish, Harris, Heidi, Isabella, Mamie, Mairead, Niamh, Quentin, Robert, Silas, Steven

  • List: International Variations of Margaret

    , Margaro, Margrieta, Megan, Tita, Mairead, Margrete, Margareta, Margot, Manci, Margara, Reet, Marka

  • Blog Post: Baby Girl Names: Elegant, Exotic, Unusual

    or Ines Junia Kateri Keren Leonie Lorna Mairead Mariel Mattea Neva Nika

  • Blog Post: 150+ European Baby Girl Names

    Maelie Maelys Magdala Mairead Malou Marcheline Marine Marit Mattea Melisandre

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Announcements in May: Mabel, Maris, Margo and Margot

    , including such names as Etain, Iseult, Mairead, Pérola, and Evadne in first place and, as middles

  • User List: Irish names

    , Aoife, Maeve, Grainne, Orla, Emer, Catriona, Ciara, Niamh, Nora, Mairead

  • User List: Baby Name Games Name Bank 17

    , Ethan, Finola, Grey, Jalajaa, Jessa, Kamal, Kassiani, Keverne, Lilith, Mabel, Mairead, Makara, Maude

  • User List: Irish names

    , Ryan, Seamus, Teague, Aine, Aoife, Cait, Caoimhe, Conor, Grainne, Keeley, Mairead, Maud, Meabh

  • User List: Little Miss

    , Mairead, Matilda, Maura, Moira, Rhiannon, Rosalind, Rosamund, Rosemarie, Sabine, Sabrina, Tallulah, Tessa, Verity, Viola, Elowen

  • User List: Girls names

    Kelila, Tova, Lilia, Saoirse, Ellery, Bronwyn, Arden, Juniper, Mairead, Calliope, Arcadia, Gemma

  • List: Scottish Baby Names

    , Jamesina, Jean, Kenna, Lesley, Lileas, Lilias, Lorna, Mairead, Mairi, Maisie, Malvina, Margery

  • List: Girl Names Ending in D

    , Wynifred, Yoland, Sinead, Fjord, Ealasaid, Seónaid, Klotild, Mairead, Mared, Margarid, Red, Legend

  • Blog Post: British Baby Names: The Latest Crop

    Martha, Molly, and Agatha Rosalyn Mairead, sister for Fintan And for boys: Alasdair Lorne

  • User List: The Battle Maidens

    , Ingrid, Johanna, Kerensa, Lyra, Mairead, Marian, Matilda, Melora, Merryn, Osanna, Petra, Rhiannon

  • User List: baby friend number 2

    , Althea, Louisa, Susannah, Lucille, Eloise, Marian, Millicent, Margot, Maple, Eleanor, Mairead

  • User List: Name List

    , Lily, Lysander, Mairead, Merida, Mirabelle, Mireille, Mordecai, Morgana, Morwenna, Persephone, Remus

  • Blog Post: Is Name Teasing a Thing of the Past?

    2014. My boys (all under twelve) have peers and friends named Horatio, Mairead, Lawrence, Rocco

  • User List: 13th Century Chic

    , Leonie, Lucan, Madoc, Madog, Maeve, Mairead, Nethan, Niall, Osric, Ossian, Oswin, Owain, Peregrine

  • User List: M Girls

    Mabel, Macha, Magda, Maire, Mairead, Marigold, Marina, Marnie, Martha, Matilda, Maude, Maura

  • User List: Celtic

    , Eluned, Elwyn, Emer, Gwendolyn, Lorcan, Mairead, Quinn, Quinn, Rhiannon, Teagan, Teagan, Tierney

  • Blog Post: Weird Names: She’s Odd and She’s Proud

    Brandy, but that hasn’t stopped anybody. Anyway, there’s also Mairead and Seraphina—“ Mom: “Sweetie

  • User List: Unusual Names I've Met

    , Cheyne, Claudia, Zuri, Luca, Katrina, Lucia, Penelope, Corbin, Mairead, Mirjana, Dallas, Nadia

  • User List: Girl Gem Names

    , Mica, Maisie, Sapphira, Mamie, Christal, Coralie, Grete, Gretel, Jaida, Jayde, Krystal, Mae, Mairead

  • User List: Cailiní

    , Georgia, Alice, Brigid, Kathleen, Clare, Colleen, Deirdre, Mairead, Ireland, Eleanor, Daisy, Lourdes

  • User List: Unnamed List

    , Lux, Padraic, Brigid, Ann, Juno, June, Ciaran, Mairead, Seamus, Ruari, Maya, Mira, Kenneth, Sarah