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  • Blog Post: L Names to Love

    The J names had their day: Jennifer, Jason, Jessica.  Then K was up, and we had lots of Kevins and Kaylas, Kaitlyns and Kyles. What’s next?  It just might be L’s turn. Linda wrote about the delicious La-La names, from Lola to Lila to Lily, that are newly popular.  And certainly, the most visible of the L names right now are these Double L names. (A side note here: DELILAH and TALLULAH may not have an L in first place but are part of this same Double L trend.) But there are lots of...

  • Blog Post: I love that name BUT....

    I love the name Sophia. I love the sound, soft but strong, familiar yet exotic.  I love the

  • Blog Post: Love the name, love the person?

    I met someone named Bea the other night and I knew instantly that I liked her. How could I not, given how much I liked her name? To me, the name Bea feels accessible and down-to-earth yet at the same time unusual and elegant -- a fantastic combination. And once my new friend Bea told me the history of her name -- that her full name was Beatrice, but that her mother really wanted to name her Bridget after her grandmother, which was also my grandmother's name -- I decided we were going to be...

  • Blog Post: Love That Name, but...

    the table for a whole variety of reasons. Here, girls’ names I love and admire….but WON’T be using

  • Blog Post: What's your newest name love?

    there are names that I've only come to love recently, for a range of reasons.  Leonora, for instance

  • Blog Post: Favorite Names: Why We Love What We Love

    what's really remarkable about my love for Eliza is how long and how much it's survived.  In the

  • Blog Post: What name deserves more love?

    -appreciated choices, ideally with reasons you think they deserve more universal love, right here.

  • Blog Post: When Name Hate Turns to Love

    .  Then even to love it. The nickname Ray is so cute!  Raymond itself classic and distinguished, yet

  • Blog Post: 12 Thanksgiving Games Kids Will Love

    the kids (and adults!) will love. Hide the numbered turkeys around your yard, give each player a card

  • Blog Post: 30 Gorgeous Girl Names We Love

    By Abby Sandel Last year, we took a look at 28 names that our readers love. How do we know for

  • Blog Post: Can't Find A Name You Love? Maybe you've got BNDD

    which I fell madly, unwaveringly in love with two names, I find myself pregnant again.  Except this

  • Blog Post: Nicknames: Love 'em or loathe 'em?

    Most baby namers have strong feelings about nicknames--pro or con-- liking them on their own, liking them as short/pet forms, or wanting to avoid them altogether. The question of the week is: Where do you stand on nicknames? Would you put a nickname name like Gracie or Charlie on your child's birth certificate?? Would you choose a name as a path to a nickname you like? Would you avoid a name because you don't like its obvious nickname?  Would you insist (or try to) on your child...

  • Blog Post: Brilliant Boys: 27 Boy Names We Love

    By Abby Sandel Every month, millions of visitors view the names in our database. We love seeing

  • Blog Post: Valentine Names: Names that link to love

    Here is our annual Valentine’s Day blog—think of it as a love letter to  the whole nameberryite

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Faves: The names nameberryites love most

    part you love the names we love, affirming  to us that we have the most enlightened, most thoughtful

  • Blog Post: Strange Love: What's your craziest name crush?

    Over on the message boards, Yael asks: What's your strangest, craziest name crush? We love this

  • Blog Post: 28 Gorgeous Girls' Names We Love

    , the loyal daughter in King Lear. Two trends meet in classic Cordelia: our love for –ia and –lia

  • Blog Post: Short, Sophisticated Girl Names You'll Love

    By Abby Sandel Congratulations to Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe on the arrival of their daughter, Iris Mary. The Oscar-winning actor and his public relations executive wife chose a sophisticated, nickname-proof name for their first child. Iris has so many qualities expectant parents seek. It’s literary and glamorous, but not too much for a young child to wear. It’s nearly impossible to shorten Iris. And ecovintage Iris feels modern, but has history to spare, from the ancient world...

  • Blog Post: 12 Smiling Irish Surnames You'll Love

      For many decades, baby namers have had a mad romance with Irish family names. From Ryan to Riley to Rowan, Connor to Quinn, the US popularity rolls have been populated with cheery Irish surnames. Below are 12 of the many that embody that infectious Celtic charm—some of them new to the scene, others on their way up, and a few from the past that deserve a fresh look. By Linda Rosenkrantz Though most of these names read boy, let’s not forget the female examples of Cassidy and Casey and...

  • Blog Post: For Valentine's Day, names that mean love

    With Valentine’s Day upon us, we turn to thoughts of love and romance.  Today we look at some of

  • Blog Post: Honoring a Loved One Whose Name You Don't Love

    more modern styles, and others just can’t fall in love with their favorite aunt’s appellation. One

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Advice: Use the Name You Love

    By Abby Sandel When it comes to baby naming, here’s my number one rule: Use the name you love

  • Blog Post: Lost-Love Names: One that you love but wouldn't ever use

    . We’d love to hear what your example is—a name you really adore but know you’ll never use—and why

  • Fameberry: Love Lily

    Preston and Kristen Brust

  • Blog Post: What name would you love to see....on someone else's baby?

    There are a lot of names I love and enthusiastically encourage other people to use.  But when it

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Faves II: The Boys' Names Nameberryites Love Most

    nameberry love of some quirkier choices, several not found in the Top 500 of the Social Security list

  • Blog Post: Names from Books: Have a lifelong love affair with one?

    Today’s Question of the Week: Is there a name from a book you read when you were younger that made enough of an impression on you that you’ve loved it ever since? (After all, at least some of those hundreds of new babies being named Atticus must have some connection to that inspirational lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird  and all those recent little Holdens to that cynical adolescent Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye—whether conscious or not.) So think back—can you trace your...

  • Blog Post: Baby Names Compromise: Finding A Name You Both Love

    to make and you should keep ownership of it. REACH FOR A NAME YOU BOTH LOVE. With enough

  • Blog Post: Question of the Week: Your first name love?

    made you love it so much? Is it a name you would still consider using?

  • Blog Post: Quirky Vintage Nicknames for Boys: Huey, Louie and Howie

    Americans, but makes a wonderful choice for those who love off-beat vintage names. Freddie / Freddy