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  • User List: Sibling Names for Lia

    , Katelyn, Kim, Liam, Lilia, Marina, Marisa, Mia, Michael, Pedro, Peter, Sammy

  • User List: Girl Names Ending With -Lia

    Adalia, Aurelia, Camellia, Camillia, Cecilia, Celia, Cerelia, Coralia, Cordelia, Cornelia, Dalia, Evelia, Floralia, Gabriellia, Magnolia, Odelia, Ophelia, Rosalia, Talia, Thalia, Zelia

  • Blog Post: OOH-LA-LA, TALLULAH!

    point. The oo sound can be reached via several vowel routes: oo, u, ou, ew, eu and ue. Here are

  • Blog Post: A Girl Called Liam

    traditional male names, and the new Big Bang baby Banned baby names: Liam and Marseille You’ve

  • User List: Lil

    Alice, Clara, Sally, Felicity

  • Fameberry: Liv

    Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra

  • Blog Post: Boy Baby Names: Let's talk about Liam

    brand new boy at the top. It’s Liam, who heralds a new era in several ways. It’s the first name

  • Blog Post: Rio, Rhythm, Winnie and Liv: Bold Names for Girls

    with the mega-popular Olivia.  Now actress Alana de la Garza has welcomed a daughter named Liv Elena

  • Blog Post: Lisa Marie Presley has twins, with twin unisex names

    So Elvis's only child  has given birth to twins and named them Harper and Finley.  The questions that immediately pop to mind are: Are they boys?  Are they girls?  Are they one of each?  Do we need to peek inside the diaper to find out? Well the news is out that they are twin girls, but their names are typical of the unisex choices that are epidemically popular these days, which includes  both names that have long been used by both genders, and names like these that have just recently...

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Sibsets: Gia and Nico, Maxwell and Ace

    was how much I liked their children’s names together: Gia Francesca and Dominic. Gia and Nico. On

  • Blog Post: What Will Be the Next Liam...and Sophia?

    By Lisa Spira Before Liam became the second most popular baby name in the United States, as it

  • List: Names That Mean Lifa

  • Fameberry: Liam

    Michael Weatherly


    heard almost daily on TV via the daughter of Live with Regis and Kelly's Kelly Ripa.  It's also been

  • Fameberry: Liam

    Tony Parker and Axelle Francine

  • List: 16 Letter Girl Names

    Jolina / Joelina, Ingibjãƒâ¶Rg, Lia / Liah / Lya, Theresa / Teresa

  • Blog Post: Literary Baby Names: 77 Quirky Characters from 20th Century Lit

    , avoiding for the most part the often bizarre nomenclature of sci-fi and other genre lit. Alivina

  • List: Girl Names Ending in -lie

    Adalie, Adelie, Edelie, Aynslie, Ainslie, Allie, Alie, Ellie, Amelie, Amalie, Emilie, Emelie, Amilie, Amélie, Annalie, Analie, Annelie, Anslie, Arlie, Ashlie, Atalie, Attalie, Athalie, Aurélie, Baillie, Bailie, Baylie, Basilie, Beverlie, Billie, Bradlie, Brilie, Brylie, Callie, Kallie, Calie, Millie, Cammillie, Caralie, Carlie, Karlie, Cailie, Caillie, Caylie, Caelie, Kailie, Celie, Charlie, Sharlie, Cheslie, Chellie, Chesslie, Cillie, Cicilie, Cecilie, Cicelie, Collie, Coralie, Koralie,...

  • Blog Post: Baby Name News: This week's most notable names, from Ami to Zia

    , worn by a champ from the 0 to 9 months category.  Mia, Gia, Lia … why not Zia?    (Thanks to Waltzing More Than Matilda for the link.)

  • User List: Elia Rhymers

    Amelia, Aurelia, Belia, Camelia, Camellia, Celia, Clelia, Cordelia, Cornelia, Delia, Elia, Evelia, Noelia, Ofelia, Ophelia, Velia, Zelia

  • User List: Lil Bub

    Torsten, Lorcan, Hallam, Maro, Wolfgang, Angus, Cormac, Gwilym, Auberon, Otto, Boris, Egon, Magnus, Bjorn, Winston, Sem, Ranulph, Ulric, Peregrine, Hamish, Callum, Ossian, Soren, Bram, Ettore, Eero, Viggo, Stellan

  • Blog Post: Alliterative Baby Names in Pop Culture: Luna Lovegood and Lucy Liu

    Logan Lehrman Lucy Liu Mike Myers Ryan Reynolds Steven Spielberg Fictional Figures

  • Fameberry: Gia Zavala

    Matt Damon

  • Fameberry: Asher Liam

    Campbell Brown

  • Blog Post: Italian names: From La Dolce Vita and beyond

    to explore a fresh source of feminissima girls’ names ending in ‘a,’ ranging from the simple Lia to

  • List: Girl Names Ending in -ia

    , Levenia, Louvinia, Lovinia, Lavenia, Livinia, Laia, Levinia, Vinia, Leia, Lia, Leilia, Lelia, Leelia

  • User List: Middle Names for Gia

  • Fameberry: Gia Francesca

    Mario Lopez

  • Fameberry: Liv Elena

    Alana De La Garza

  • Fameberry: Tiana Gia

    Dwayne Johnson