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  • Blog Post: Happy National Joe Day!

    & B singer named Joe. Famous Joes (and Josephs and Jos) include world rulers, athletes, and

  • Blog Post: Joss Whedon's World of Names

    it totally up to them?  Well, according to this blog on Nameberry, Joss (born Joseph Hill) Whedon is

  • Blog Post: Jazzy Baby Names: Miles, Mose & Mabel

    MOSE Allison ORNETTE Coleman OSCAR Peterson, Pettiford PEPPER (born PARK) Adams PERCY Heath

  • Fameberry: Josh

    Tony Parker

  • Blog Post: 1980s Baby Names: Beyond Jessica & Josh

    In the mid-1980s, when we were beginning to conceptualize our first book, Beyond Jennifer & Jason, the most popular names were, well, Jennifer (42,637 of them born in 1985 alone) and Jason, as well as Jessica, Michael (a whopping 64,852 of them—no wonder  we run into so many 25-year-old Mikes) and Matthews, Ashleys and Amandas, Megans and Melissas. Over the entire decade of those ancient eighties-- the era of Cabbage Patch Dolls and Punky Brewster, the moonwalk and the Material...

  • Blog Post: Middle Name Rose: Is The Bloom Off?

    middle name Rose. I can hear the screams of protest and wails of anguish already.  But Rose is

  • Blog Post: TV Names: Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia

    have great charm and will likely rise much further. Rose Rose was the bubbly, sweet, naive

  • List: Names That Mean Rose

  • Blog Post: Flower Names: A rose by any other name

    With Rose beginning to wilt from overexposure as a middle name, this might be a good time to look

  • List: Names That Mean Nose

  • Blog Post: Flower Baby Names: A rose by any other name...

    concludes that names are irrelevant and uses the garden rose to illustrate her point “That which we call a

  • Blog Post: The Nameberry 9: Rose and Tulip and other newsy names

    quite daring with our children’s given names, every single girl is sharing the same middle: Rose

  • Blog Post: Picture Perfect Names: Saffron Rose and Dashiell Ford

    with Rose in the middle spot.  Just know that every Emma R., London R., Celia R., and Jazzlynn R

  • Fameberry: Josey Hollis

    Naya Rivera & Ryan Dorsey

  • Fameberry: Josie Layne

    Cody Webb

  • Blog Post: Novel New Names for New Babies: From Briar Rose to Titan Jewell

    Briar Rose.  If that feels familiar, it’s probably because of the Brothers Grimm.  Their Briar Rose

  • User List: Rose Names

    Penrose, Penrose, Briar, Briar

  • User List: Rose Names

    Roselita, Primrose, Evrose, Rosellen, Rosalba, Rosalia, Rosaria, Rosella, Rosetta, Rosalina, Rosa, Rosamund, Rosalind, Rosalie, Rosanna, Rosheen, Rosy, Rosemary, Rosine, Rosalyn, Roza, Penrose, Rosina

  • User List: Josh Names

    Grayson, Hayden, Walter, Whit, Anson, Bailey, Benson, Bryant, Caleb, Conner, Corby, Dallas, Dustin, Franklin, Grady, Griffin, Hugh, Carter, Levi, Boaz, Norman, Wallace, Marlon, Marlow, Malachy, Rhett, Sawyer, Walker, Cooper, Cotton, Ellington, Emerson, Forest

  • User List: "Rose" Names

    Rose, Rosabelle, Rosalia, Rosalina, Rosaline, Rosannah

  • User List: Rose Names

    Rosa, Rosalba, Rosalie, Rosalind, Rosaline, Rosaria, Rosetta, Rosella

  • User List: angel rose

  • User List: Boy Names

    Aurelio, Bertrand, Calico, Sebastian, Jose, Rafael

  • Fameberry: Rose

    Scarlett Johansson

  • User List: Alternatives to Rose

    Lily, Ivy, June, Daisy, Ava, Delilah, Juliet, Ella, Agnes, Elsie, Mary, Lilac, Hazel, Tess, Ada, Anne, Poppy, Sophie, Clara, Eloise, Faith, Ruth, May, Olive, Jane, Grace, Violet, Fleur, Paige, Verity, Thea, Eve, Joy, Adeline, Abigail, Elise, April, Josephine, Louisa, Letitia, Flora, Mia, Pippa, Rosalie, Emmeline, Lydia, Amelia, Della

  • User List: Baby Girl Rose

    Adelaide, Agnes, Ainsley, Anwen, Beatrice, Bernadette, Bronwyn, Cecelia, Cosima, Henrietta, Holland, Hollis, Ingrid, Lilou, Margot, Marit, Matilda, Mileva, Miriam, Ottilie, Paloma, Rowan, Simone, Simonetta, Sutton, Tierney, Tinsley, Valencia, Viviana, Wallace, Wellesley, Winslow

  • User List: Names Encompassing Rose

    Primrose, Rose, Roselyn, Rosemary, Rosella

  • User List: Joss Whedon Character Names

    Malcolm, Simon, Zoe, River, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Rupert, Giles, Oz, Cordelia, Anya, Faith, Spike, Drusilla, Tara, Dawn, Kendra, Angel, Winifred, Connor, Wesley, Echo, Caroline, Topher, Boyd, Victor, Sierra, Adelle, Paul, Ivy, Billy, Penny

  • User List: Looking Beyond Rose

    , Rosemarie, Rosetta, Rosita, Roslyn, Rosabelle, Rosette, Rosine, Rosina, Ambrose, Briar Rose, Ambrosia

  • User List: Under the Rose Bush

    Vero, Bain, Somhairle, Veren, Evenne, Everhart, Meliora, Taedyn, Maple, Sylvie, Forest, Huckleberry, Tavian, Fio, Rye, Deveraux, Hawk, Faith, Agnes, Winter, Harmony, Rosalia, Posey, Petal, Daphne, Prudence, Evie, Clover, Juliette, August, Oliver, Jasper, Atticus, Wren, Lily, Madeline, Pippa, Cobalt, Heather, Falene, Wylda, Questa, Aurelia, Inigo, Skyler, Colt, Finch, Thayer, Arrow, Jaret, Harlow, Harper, Myrtle, Soren, Fenna, Torquil, Saffron, Kit, Maisie, Hazel, Ivy, Olive, Poppy, Daisy,...