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  • Blog Post: How Unique is Your Name?

    tool called How Many of Me?, there are 51 people named Pamela Redmond out there, but only one named

  • Blog Post: How Important Are Family Names?

    names? Vote in the first nameberry poll (yay! we finally figured out how to work it!) and let us know

  • Blog Post: How Millennial Is Your Name?

    , Linda and Gary emblematic names of the Baby Boom, and now Jessica and Michael emerging as the top

  • Blog Post: How Popular is Too Popular?

    surprising number of  people often didn't know how to pronounce or spell it.  And so, try as I might

  • Blog Post: How DO You Pronounce That?

    . But how about Roan? It could sound exactly like Rowan, or it might rhyme with lone and stone

  • Blog Post: How to Name Your Dog

    name over 50,000 times,” advises the author of How to Raise and Train a French Bulldog. “Pick a name

  • Blog Post: How Popular Is Too Popular?

    large: How popular is a name before it gets too popular for you? Would you avoid the Top 10

  • Blog Post: How (Not) to Choose a Baby Name

    - a hamster that went by the name of Baxter. How this had escaped my memory I’m really not sure

  • Blog Post: How J.K. Rowling Names Her Characters

    By Meredith Testa, Namenculture J.K. Rowling has been profiled on Nameberry several times, and with good reason- she’s as creative a namer as she is a writer. She draws character names from literature, mythology, history, astronomy, and countless international languages. No character is named haphazardly; families have consistent naming patterns (like the celestial Blacks and the floral Evanses) and individual characters’ names match their personas. Below are some of the best-named...

  • Blog Post: How Many Baby Names is Too Many?

    his full name later in life, and I liked how distinguished it sounds - and its catalogue of

  • Blog Post: Bold Boy Names: How about Thor?

    out we were having a boy, Thor is starting to grow on me! I love seeing how excited it makes my

  • Blog Post: How to Calm a Crying Baby

    teach you how to calm a crying baby. Many of them work...sometimes. And then there are those

  • Blog Post: M.I.A. Baby: How To Rock That Name

    early celebrity crazy baby namer, and Peaches is not all grown up and talking on TV about how much she

  • Blog Post: How About Harvey? What About Walter?

    The Nameberry Question of the Week: Would you name your baby boy Harvey or Stanley or any of the other up-and-coming oldies appearing on the recently released British pop list? Is this another case where the Yanks will follow the Brits in baby-naming trends and revive such previously verboten Grandpa names as Harvey, Arthur, Leon, Walter and Stanley-- all once considered distinguished in their day?  Or similar in style name like  Gilbert, Murray, Ralph, Howard or Ernest? Which, if any,...

  • Blog Post: Seasonal Baby Names: How do they rank?

    course). What's the history with the seasons as given names? How have Winter, Spring, Summer and

  • Blog Post: How Long Do Popular Names Stay Popular?

    shortly. A Nameberry reader recently asked: How long do baby names in the US Top 10 tend to remain

  • Blog Post: How Ramona Made Me A Name Nerd

    it, and in fact, she even manufactures a middle initial. That’s how proud she is of her name. The

  • Blog Post: How to Reinvent Family Names for Baby

    yourself? How about your mom or dad, or another loved one? Both the Schneiders and Chabert-Nehdars

  • Blog Post: How To Break Through Baby Name Indecision

    Novelist and guest blogger JULIE BUXBAUM, whose new book AFTER YOU comes out in paperback this week, writes about the difficulty -- or is it the impossibility? -- of deciding on just one baby name. My husband and I are both what we like to call, euphemistically, “decisionally challenged.” I’ve been known to become paralyzed when faced with the cereal aisle in the supermarket. He won’t commit to a vacation destination until we’ve looked at a map and exhaustively researched all continents....

  • Blog Post: Baby Name Popularity: How local is it?

    We look at the national name statistics and somehow start to  assume that Isabella and Jacob are the top names all across the country.  But then we look at the state stats and see that there very much still are local preferences.  For example, Carter, which is Number 50 nationally, is in second place in Nebraska and third in Iowa; Wyatt (60) is Number One in Wyoming (Wyoming/Wyatt?), Owen (50) is third in Vermont and fourth in Maine, and for girls, Brooklyn (37) has relocated to Utah,...

  • Blog Post: How To Name Your Christmas Baby

    Guest blogger Elisabeth Wilborn, of the wonderful name blog You Can't Call It "It"!, treats us to a festival of names for Christmas babies. Christmas seems to arrive sooner every year. Once again, I am running frantically to cross things off the list, get the baking done, trim the tree (first we have to get that tree...), and find the ever elusive Christmas stockings before it's too late. Some may have bigger --or smaller-- things on their minds this season. An impending birth, perhaps? If...

  • Blog Post: Athlete Names: How do they score?

    nor Resha was in the top 1000), I decided to look into the names of popular athletes to see how

  • Blog Post: How has your name influenced your life?

    An interesting discussion is going on in our forums about the real influence of a name. How

  • Blog Post: How to Choose Your Baby's Last Name

    ; neither felt entirely fair. During this time I reflected on how, for many people, last names aren’t

  • Blog Post: How to Hide a Problematic Name

    . Every. Single. Time. So you can see how someone who really wants to name their son Damien—even

  • Blog Post: Name Teasing: How much should you worry?

    How much do you worry about teasing potential when you consider baby names? Would you take

  • Blog Post: Boy Name: How to honor Grandma Jacqueline?

    initials were JC. How about Jason or Jace? Because Jason was wildly popular in the 1970s and 80s, we

  • Blog Post: How To Update Old Nickname Names

    In 1963, there were 23,900 baby girls named Lori, the same year that there were 21,191 little Tammys and 11,000 Cindys, not to mention all the Mindys, Mandys, Marcys, and Marnies with the then modern-sounding nicknamey, quasi-unisex, names popular from the mid-fifties and into the next couple of decades. So is it any wonder that so many of today’s parents have moms and sometimes grandmothers with these vintage nickname names? But as much as we love those family members, and would like...

  • Blog Post: How To Find An Antique Gem

    retirement for several decades now but just might be ready for a comeback. Antique names for both

  • Blog Post: Family Names and How to Modernize Them

    --> VIOLET Weston -->  EASTON Wilbur -->  WILLEM Wilma -->  WILLA How have YOU modernized a family name for your child?  Tell us here!