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  • Blog Post: These Old-Fashioned Names Are Hot Hot Hot!

    By Linda Rosenkrantz & Pamela Redmond Satran One day you're out, and the next day -- if you're one of the old-fashioned formerly-dowdy baby names here -- you're very very in.  Just a few years ago, you might have cringed if the family expected you to name the baby after Great-Aunt Martha or Grandpa Harvey.  Today, those names and the others on the list are among the fastest-rising on the Social Security list.  These are the Olives and Oscars, the Sadies and Silases of...

  • Blog Post: Hot Climate Christmas Baby Names

    – This Xhosa boys’ name meaning ‘glory’ is almost too cool for a hot African summer but it seems

  • List: Names That Mean Hot

  • Blog Post: Hot Baby Names: Max in the Spotlight

    Max, the name of both the child hero and the young actor who plays him in Where The Wild Things Are, is one of the hottest boys’ names these days. Max can stand on its own or may be a short form of the ancient Roman name Maximus, which means “greatest,” or of Maximilian or Maxwell.  It’s one of the down-to-earth cigar-chomping grandpa names last popular a hundred years ago and enjoying a huge revival now.  Like brothers Sam and Jake, Max is unpretentious and friendly but also sounds...

  • Blog Post: Irish Baby Names: Hot Off The Press

    bring it up-to-the-moment and not just rely on national popularity lists, we scoured the birth

  • Blog Post: Hot Baby Names: What's news this week

    Appellation Mountain keeps her ears open for this week's hot baby names. I’ll admit it.  I’m name

  • Blog Post: Baby Names 2012: What's Hot Now

    now: Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and ancient Rome.  Many of the hot names relate to nature and to

  • Blog Post: Baby Names 2013: Our newest hot names

    We've got our first count of popping baby names for 2013, and there are a lot of surprises on the

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: Hot New Predictions!

    . Plus, Jenna Jameson is having her third baby. This means we’ve got a lot of stylish, alliterative

  • Blog Post: Unisex Names: What's Hot, What's Not

    Which unisex names are getting more feminine and which more masculine? And which are rising and falling for both sexes? Here, the ups and downs of the most popular gender neutral names: UNISEX NAMES GETTING MORE FEMININE ADDISON ALEXIS ARIEL BAILEY EMERSON HARPER JORDYN LONDON MARLEY PAYTON REAGAN REESE RILEY (though still strong for boys) SKYLAR TAYLOR TEAGAN UNISEX NAMES BECOMING MORE MALE ANGEL CAMERON CHARLIE DYLAN HAYDEN (though the gender gap is...

  • Blog Post: Irish Baby Names: What's Hot Now

    , especially if you don't live in Ireland, is how few of the top Irish baby names are actually Irish. Four

  • Blog Post: Hot Young Hunks with Cool Names

    Anne and Amy, Emily and Emma and Ellen—while many of the hot young Hollywood hunks have unusually

  • Blog Post: Celebrity Baby Names: Word names are hot!

    , thanks mostly to those celebs-- have gone mainstream. From rising River to why-not Wolfe, many of the

  • Blog Post: Irish Names: Hot off the press

    Every now and then we like to take a look at the most recent  British and Irish newspaper birth announcements, to see what parents in those countries are naming their babies at this particular moment in time.  What we see right now in Ireland is a mix of old and revived Gaelic/Celtic names, classic Anglo names, nickname names similar to those popular in the UK, and more internationally trendy modern names. The most widely used recorded Emerald Isle favorites of the last two months...

  • Blog Post: British Baby Names: Hot New Trends

    This was one of those delicious mornings when I allowed myself to dip into the recent British baby names in the London Telegraph birth announcements. As usual, they didn’t disappoint (can you tell that my speech has suddenly acquired a British cadence?) and I managed to pick up on some actual trends. The first is that, now that Americans have started following the British lead and using two middle names, the Brits are upping the ante by using three. Four first names total, ala Charlie...

  • Blog Post: Designer Baby Names: Hot Off the Runway

    world of haute couture. It’s not just the clothes, of course. There are the exotic monikers of the

  • Blog Post: Names Hot in Hollywood...but nowhere else!

    couldn’t have foreseen that his name would be hot in Hollywood more than a century later, chosen by

  • Blog Post: Food & Drink Names: Some like it hot

    , it also signals that another season is underway: the hot beverage season. I really enjoy hot

  • Blog Post: Names Hot in England, Still Outliers Here

    By Eleanor Nickerson What's hot in England but still outliers in the US? In many cases

  • List: Hot Celebrity Baby Names

    Ace, Alexander, Amelie, Archie, Arlo, Asher, Atlas, Atticus, August, Ava, Axel, Banks, Bear, Beau, Beckett, Bentley, Billie, Birdie, Blue, Bodhi, Bowie, Camden, Cash, Charlie, Charlotte, Coco, Daisy, Dashiell, Delilah, Eli, Ella, Eloise, Etta, Ever, Everett, Everly, Felix, Finley, Finn, Fiona, Flynn, Frances, Genevieve, George, Georgia, Gia, Gianna, Giulia, Goldie, Greyson, Hal, Hank, Hartley, Harlow, Harper, Hayes, Hazel, Henry, Huckleberry, Hudson, Hugo, Ignatius, Indigo, Isabella, Isaiah,...

  • List: Baby Names Hot Today

    Adeline, Adalynn, Paislee, Fox, Royalty, Harper, Leighton, Juniper, Paisley, Isla, Adaline, Bristol, Blakely, Reign, Nova, Lennon, Henley, Monroe, Addilyn, Adley, Aria, Mila, Jayceon, Brantley, Knox, Bentley, Thiago, Iker, Zayn, Hendrix, Legend, Finnley, Kingston, Vihaan, Princeton, Arlo, Archer, King, Kingsley, Jaxton, Major, Lennox

  • Blog Post: Summer Names: Cool names for hot weather babies

    the season: Summer — As a seasonal name, Summer may not be your top choice.  It’s feeling a tad

  • Blog Post: Baby Names: Once so hot, now so not

    pick out choices that were hot back them, and are not today.  Included here are Old People Names

  • Blog Post: Hyperlocal Baby Names: What's hot where you live?

    Hyperlocal is a word you hear a lot today. There's hyperlocal news and hyperlocal food, hyperlocal

  • Blog Post: Hot August Baby Names: Beyond August and Augustus

    By Linda Rosenkrantz August may be hot and humid, and bring with it tropical storms and

  • Blog Post: 101 Not-Too-Hot, Not-Too-Cold Baby Names

    found there was a trove of great names that are neither too hot nor too cold. Here, our picks of

  • Blog Post: A boy name trend now hot for the girls!

    such a common one in occupational surname names like Cooper and Hunter. But for girls—not so much. Of

  • Blog Post: Dog Names: What's cool, what's smart, what's hot, what's not

    analysis of why they're hot: females Luna -- This moon name has been jumping since it was rumored to

  • Blog Post: Place Names for Babies: Malaysia's Hot, Argentina Only Warmish

    The website Swimmingly recently published this very cool infographic on which place names were used for the most babies in the US in 2013.  The surprising results: Malaysia is the hottest place name for babies, beating out America, India, and yes, Sierra Leone. (And yup, there was a pop culture connection--the Malaysia on the reality show Basketball Wives LA.)

  • Blog Post: Scottish Baby Names: What's hot with the Scots

    Scotland. So what is hot for the Scots? Curiously, media influences and celebrity are quick to