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  • Blog Post: Harry Potter Names: Beyond Harry & Hermione

    , interesting and attractive name from the standard lexicon--several of them already nameberry faves.  Be

  • Forums: Middle name for Hermione?

  • User List: Girl names

    Aurora, Blair, Genevieve, Hermione, Luna, Maeve, Misty, Valentina

  • List: Shakespearean Names

    Audrey, Charmian, Francisca, Hermione, Lavinia, Luciana, Margery, Patience, Paulina, Rosaline

  • User List: Girl Names

    Arden, Tala, Aurora, Hermione, Ianthe, Scarlett, Avalon, Mai

  • User List: Love list!

    Finley, Rowan, Isabella, Hermione, Riley, Miley, Luna, Quinn, Wyatt

  • List: Attitude Names for Girls

    , Marlowe, Luna, Mabel, Olive, Wednesday, Cleopatra, Hermione, Hero, Scout, Poe, Puck, Aviva, Aziza

  • User List: Girls Names

    Madeline, Chloe, Madeleine, Maia, Paige, Ainsley, Anaïs, Anya, Hermione, Sydney, Willow

  • Blog Post: Celtic Baby Names: Newbie news from Ireland and Scotland

    many would as easily be found on announcements in the US and UK.?  Are there any fabulous first/middle

  • List: British Girl Names

    , Clover, Cressida, Eilidh, Eugenie, Eva, Evie, Flora, Freya, Georgina, Gracie, Hermione, Honora, Imogen

  • User List: Fave Names

    Isolde, Imogen, Beatrice, Phineas, Matilda, Rowena, Hermione, Barnaby, Henrietta, Crispin, Millicent, Melisende, Ambrose

  • User List: Hazelet's Favourite Girls Names

    Skye, Lianna, Nikita, Charlotte, Hermione, Liah, Cecily, Allegra, Gabriella, Scarlet, Poppy, Lily, Daisy, Rosanna, Bethany, Hazel

  • List: Literary Baby Names

    , Hermione, Harry, Darcy, Archer, Holden, Gulliver, Huckleberry, Macon, Rhett, Sawyer, Ethan

  • User List: Classical Revival Girls' names

    Rosalind, Aurelia, Antonia, Araminta, Minerva, Diana, Hermione, Ariadne, Persephone, Julia

  • User List: Girls

    Addison, Adelaide, Alaska, Blair, Darcy, Harper, Hazel, Hermione, Jane, Karissa, Lacey, Lux, Maisie, Margo, Tegan, Tess, Thalia

  • Blog Post: Baby Names 2010: The Also-Rans

    the first nine months of the year, and while we recently brought you our own nameberry Top 100 Baby

  • User List: An emphasis on the 'o'

    Antonia, Hermione, Iona, Josephine, Leonie, Otis, Roald, Ronan, Rowan, Rowan, Rowena, Viola

  • List: Old Lady Names

    , Hazel, Helen, Henrietta, Hermione, Ida, Imogen, Iris, Ivy, Josephine, Kay, Lavinia, Leonora, Letitia

  • User List: Great Girl's Names

    Aubriella, Caitlyn, Camille, Charlotte, Clara, Cordelia, Elle, Esther, Hermione, Lavender, Luna

  • Blog Post: Shakespeare Names: Beyond Romeo and Juliet


  • List: Names from Harry Potter

    , Dean, Draco, Fabian, Fleur, Fred, Garrick, George, Gideon, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Helena, James

  • Blog Post: Middle Names: Longer choices beyond Elizabeth

     statistics, trends, and predictions. She put her predictions into a book, The Top 22 in 2022.  She

  • Blog Post: British Baby Names: Brilliant Sibsets

    Hermione Bruce, a sister for Lilah Ida Poppy Frances, a sister for Jacobi and Stanley India

  • User List: Guilty Pleasures

    , Lyra, Hermione, Luna, Felix, Theodore, Juno, Nina, Ariana, Seamus, Cormac, Cecily, Dulcie, Jessamine, Sosie

  • Blog Post: Baby Names of 2011: Nameberry Newbies so far this year

    our friends on Facebook (tsk, tsk!), we thought we’d gather up the names of the newest babyberries

  • Blog Post: That's A Whole Lotta Name

    Sitting around with another baby name aficionada the other day, discussing what she might name her

  • Blog Post: Irish Baby Names: Hot Off The Press


  • Blog Post: Babies with Three Names

    -so-British three-name arrangement struck me because of the young prince George Alexander Louis

  • Blog Post: Oscar Names: Girls’ edition

    tradition she started last year with boys' red carpet names, and has again searched through the annals of

  • Blog Post: 100+ Classic Girls' Names -- below the Top 1000

    from view -- Pamela, Jean -- while others are rising stars we predict will soon appear on the official