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  • Blog Post: Springtime Names: Fresh, new and green

    and songwriters can draw inspiration from springtime, why not baby namers?  The fresh, green

  • Blog Post: Green Names: What's your favorite nature name?

    drawn between Rose and Primrose,  Daffodil and Daisy? Then there are those green names that

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Style: Good-Looking and Green

    Factor and You Can't Call It "It," turns its attention to baby products that are as green as they

  • Blog Post: Anne of Green Gables Names: Cordelia, Blythe and Jem

    By Maddie Rodriguez, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne Shirley series is a childhood classic. While the series itself might be something you save to read to your kids when they’re older, if you’re pregnant, it might be worth reading on your own. The books are chock-full of wonderful characters with the kind of great, old-fashioned yet elegant names that are currently popular. In case you don’t have the time to read eight books in the next few months, I’ve made a list of...

  • Blog Post: Spring Names: Fresh green choices for your baby

    , green, uplifting season offers plenty of ideas for spring names.  So here, once again, is the Nameberry

  • Blog Post: Actually, it IS easy being green, as in names Hunter, Kelly and Moss

    A green name would offer some glorious gifts to a child, especially appropriate for one born in the

  • Blog Post: Earth Day Names: Green names to celebrate the bounties of nature

    Demeter- Greek, “earth mother”, Greek goddess of agriculture Flora- Roman goddess of flowers

  • User List: Inspired by all things green

    Anja, Baia, Bay, Caddie, Calla, Ciel, Doon, Dune, Fern, Grove, Hale, Isa, Isla, Josie, Jovie, Juna, Juniper, Lana, Lilo, Lilou, Loni, Magnolia, Maple, Millie, Mina, Mira, Ondine, Oona, Petal, Sia, Tulla, Ula, Willow

  • User List: Anne of Green Gables Names

    Anne, Gilbert, Diana, Marilla, Matthew, Cuthbert, Walter, Bertha, Shirley, Barry, Ruby, Jane

  • Forums: Green Names?

  • Forums: Team green again

  • Blog Post: 16 Neglected Greek Names

    By Sophie Kihm To me, Greek names are some of the most beautiful--though I might be biased as my

  • Blog Post: Modern Takes on Ancient Greek Names

    and variations of traditional Greek names below will give you numerous options when finding a

  • Blog Post: A Spring Flowering of Greek Names

    very lovely name. She’s the reason we have flowers and green things during the Spring and Summer

  • Blog Post: 21 Great Greek Baby Names for Girls

    By Linda Rosenkrantz March 25th is Greek Independence Day--a major Hellenic holiday--and today

  • Blog Post: Greek Girls' Baby Names: 21 unexplored ancient treasures

    Greek names, particularly for girls, are beginning to make more of a mark on the American baby

  • Blog Post: Mythological Names: Ancient Greek vs Ancient Roman--take your pick!

    names of the two cultures against each other and let you see if your taste ran more to the Greek or

  • Blog Post: Summer Baby Names: Sizzlin' Summer Greek Myth Names

    ' summer Greek names. In the summertime, there's swimming, heat, and lots of outdoor fun. Plus

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    Sonequa Martin-Green

  • List: Greek Baby Names for Modern Kids

    Acacia, Agatha, Alec, Agnes, Alexandra, Alexander, Alexis, Althea, Anastasia, Andrew, Angelina, Anthea, Apollo, Arcadia, Apollonia, Arianna, Aristotle, Aster, Atticus, Atlas, Athena, Artemas, Balthazar, Berenice, Basil, Beryl, Bronte, Calista, Calliope, Calypso, Cassia, Castor, Catherine, Chloe, Christina, Christopher, Circe, Cora, Colin, Cosima, Cosmo, Cressida, Cyprian, Cynthia, Cyril, Damian, Daphne, Daria, Darius, Delia, Dora, Dion, Dina, Dorian, Dorothea, Dorothy, Drew, Electra, Elena,...

  • User List: Greek Favorites

    Chloe, Clio, Daphne, Ione, Irene, Jason, Jonas, Leander, Phoebe, Sophia, Thalia, Cosmas

  • User List: Roman And Greek Names

    Acacia, Acantha, Accalia, Achilles, Adonis, Aeliana, Aemilia, Aeneas, Agapi, Agrippina, Ajax, Albia, Albus, Alexandros, Alpha, Altair, Althea, Andromache, Andromeda, Anemone, Annia, Anona, Anthea, Antigone, Antonia, Antonius, Apollo, Apollonia, Aquila, Aquilina, Ares, Argentia, Argus, Ariadne, Artemis, Astra, Astraea, Astraeus, Athena, Atia, Atlanta, Atlas, Atria, Atticus, Augusta, Augustus, Aurelia, Aurelius, Aurora, Avita, Bellatrix, Beta, Britannia, Brutus, Cadmus, Caecilia, Caesar, Caius,...

  • User List: Names from Greek Mythology

    Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, Gaia, Phoebe, Rhea, Asteria, Atlas, Aura, Perseus, Selene, Orion, Angelia, Arete, Althea, Eirene, Persephone, Doris, Iris, Maia, Helen, Hermione, Myles, Nestor, Paris, Penelope, Phineas

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  • User List: My favourite Greek names

    Athena, Artemis, Evadne, Gaia, Astraea, Hera, Hestia, Hector, Ajax, Adonis, Paris, Selene

  • User List: Complete Greek Mythology

    Achilles, Ajax, Alala, Amphitrite, Andromeda, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Argus, Ariadne, Artemis, Asteria, Astraea, Astraeus, Atalanta, Athena, Atlas, Aeneas, Cadmus, Calliope, Calypso, Cassiopeia, Castor, Charon, Circe, Clio, Cronus, Daedalus, Danae, Daphne, Demeter, Dionysus, Echo, Eirene, Eos, Eris, Eros, Eurydice, Gaia, Harmonia, Hebe, Hecate, Hector, Helen, Helios, Hera, Heracles, Hermes, Hestia, Icarus, Io, Iris, Jason, Leda, Medea, Morpheus, Narcissus, Nike, Nyx, Oceanus, Odysseus,...

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    Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

  • User List: Cool Roman/Greek Mythology Names

    Apollo, Athena, Danae, Dia, Gaia, Hera, Demeter, Aphrodite, Iris, Calypso, Astraea, Antheia, Artemis, Neptune, Castor, Electra, Hermione, Nestor, Ismene, Cressida, Minerva, Remus, Romulus

  • User List: Greek Gods and Goddesses names

    Iris, Juno, Zeus, Hera, Diana, Artemis, Minerva, Athena, Venus, Aphrodite, Rhea