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  • Blog Post: 15 Offbeat Occupational Baby Names for Labor Day

    By Linda Rosenkrantz It’s become a Nameberry tradition every Labor Day to offer a blog on

  • Blog Post: Occupation Names: A Labor Day Salute

    With Labor Day upon us, it seems like the perfect moment to focus on the original pre-barbecue

  • Blog Post: Occupation names: A Labor Day celebration

    It’s Labor Day weekend, and so time once more to turn our attention to the original, pre

  • Blog Post: Labor Day Names: Names that really work!

    For the Labor Day weekend, we're celebrating hard-working occupation names--which just happen to be

  • Blog Post: Labor Day Names: Occupational names for your little Pilot or Poet

    occupational names on Labor Day. This year we’re not only featuring those whose original occupations

  • Fameberry: Ever Gabo

    Milla Jovovich & Paul Anderson

  • User List: Post Labor Day Loves 2018

    Adira, Amelia, Annora, Beatrice, Bernadette, Bridget, Camilla, Camille, Celeste, Colette, Cynthia, Dahlia, Diana, Dinah, Elena, Eliora, Emilia, Evelyn, Faith, Faye, Felicity, Gabrielle, Georgia, Gloria, Honora, Jacqueline, Julia, Julianne, Kathleen, Lana, Lillian, Liv, Lydia, Maeve, Magnolia, Niamh, Pamela, Patrick, Ripley, Vera, Vinnie, Aletta, Elisa, Francesca, Cassiane, Nerea, Elwood, Raphael, Elysia, Meredith, Alonzo, Miriam

  • Blog Post: Sassy Double-Syllable Names for Girls

    Zsa Zsa Gabor clearly inspired this one, even though she spelled her name as two words

  • Blog Post: 100 Brilliant Boy Names in Translation

    Hector Federico –Frederick in Italian and Spanish Felipe – Spanish cognate of Phillip Gabor

  • Blog Post: Names So Nice You Say Them Twice

    consideration. ZsaZsa – ZsaZsa Gabor, who was born Sari, made her double-sound name the height of

  • Blog Post: Nameberry Picks: Twelve Best Disney Names

    elegant mouse (voiced by Eva Gabor) in the 1977 The Rescuer. The Italian version of Blanche, this still

  • Blog Post: Newsiest Names of December: Mariah, Zsa Zsa and Kirk

    said goodbye to another icon: actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. Zsa Zsa, who was born in Budapest, is a

  • Blog Post: World Cup Baby Names: Thiago, Memphis & Jozy

    pronounced as zsa-bee (think Zsa Zsa Gabor). Maya Reyes-Solano is a high school senior who has loved

  • Blog Post: Nameberry's Totally Unique Names


  • User List: ances tree

    , Franklin, Frederic, Freeman, Frida, Friend, Frost, Fuller, Furman, Gable, Gabor, Gabriele, Gabriella

  • List: 5 Letter Boy Names

    , Briar, Daire, Elior, Lauge, Asger, Briac, Gabor, Jacca, Jakez, Jazon, Pawly, Kohei, Arieh, Stieg

  • User List: If It's A Boy!

    Felix, Atlas, Monroe, Ford, Stellan, Quinn, Sebastian, Casper, Salem, Roosevelt, Fallon, Clive, Campbell, Caspian, Julian, Milo, Huxley, Tabor

  • List: Hungarian Boy Names

    , Erneszt, Ernö, István, Jenö, Nándor, Ferke, Ferenc, Ferko, Fritzi, Frides, Frigyes, Gábor, Gáspár

  • User List: Baby boy #2

    , Talib, Caio, Soren, Seb, Xois, Hanif, Khalid, Sadiq, Tarik, Abraxas, Vidar, Selene, Circe, Tabor, Azarius, Zev, Zeru, Taj, Dax

  • User List: Biblical Place Names

    , Judah, Laban, Lydia, Memphis, Memphis, Moab, Myra, Nazareth, Palmyra, Persia, Petra, Samaria, Sheba, Tabor, Tyre, Uz, Zair, Zalmon, Zion

  • User List: Honor Middle Names

    , Lowell, October, Rain, Raina, Raines, Redmond, Shara, Tabor, Truman, Vincent

  • List: Hungarian Names

    , Erneszt, Ernö, István, Jenö, Nándor, Ferke, Ferenc, Ferko, Fritzi, Frides, Frigyes, Gábor, Gáspár

  • Blog Post: Pregnancy 101: Weeks 37 to 42

    and wonderful world of parenthood. Here’s everything you need to know about labor, birth, and those

  • User List: Family Names

    , Lane, Margaret, Tabor, Nettie, Bryson, Wiley, Emily, Aldridge, Emeline

  • Blog Post: Should You Put the Name Before the Baby?

    feel urgency around baby names when the labor pains kick in, while some berries have their baby names

  • Blog Post: Pregnancy 101: Weeks 29 to 32

    (and your partner) can do to prepare yourselves for labor, birth and beyond… Need To Know Up until

  • List: Artistic Baby Names

    , Cy, Dix, Donatella, Donatello, Duccio, Eames, Eero, Ellis, Ford, Frida, Gabo, Gauguin, Gehry

  • Blog Post: Kate Middleton's Surprise Birth Plan

    anticipation to see when Kate Middleton will go into labor this July, there’s only one person who

  • User List: Big Boy List

    , Jonah, Luke, Liam, Micah, Mackenzie, Merrick, Nathaniel, Noah, Orren, Phoenix, Quinn, Ronan, Seth, Sawyer, Silas, Sterling, Tabor

  • Blog Post: Pregnancy 101: Weeks 33 to 36

    , you’ll be given antibiotics during your labor, which drastically reduces the risk of your baby becoming